Thursday, April 14, 2011


Below are my latest cravings, in no particular order.
Maybe this is why this boy is close to 3.5 pounds already!

These chips are amazing. Do yourself a favor.
If you like BBQ chips, try these ONCE.
You won't go back. 

Ummm, yum. And healthy. But a tad expensive around $4 a box.
Has been my nightly dessert. Until something else came along.

 I bought a bag of pretzel sticks for Emma, and now I'm into them!
 I've never been a pretzel fan, but of course, things change when preg!

This is my new dessert craze. Publix brand lime sherbet and
 tropical pineapple sherbet. Soooo good.

Publix had strawberries on sale last weekend, 2/$5, so I bought a bunch several to enjoy.
I had to go back to Publix yesterday for another carton to get me through the week.

Apples. Alone or with peanut butter. Lately it's been Gala or Jazz.

 Navel oranges. One or two per day!

Daily breakfast-lots of protein! 9 grams per bar. No more morning headaches!
We had couscous on Tuesday night, and I called Jason Wednesday night begging him to stop and get me some for dinner. He came home with six boxes! You're a good man Charlie Brown! Now, I have dinner all week. Topped with toasted pine nuts and goat cheese plus some lemon juice=OUTSTANDING. Now, I have to figure out what J is going to eat........................

What do you like from this list? Anything?

What do you crave on a daily basis??


  1. We buy those fruit bars for L. we all love them...especially the
    Strawberry and pomegranate flavors

  2. I like the fruit bars, but strawberry. I don't think I've ever tried lime.

    I'm loving that the fresh fruits & veggies are out in force now. I'm going to make some zucchini apple bread soon. It's more like a cake bread - that counts as dessert?

  3. I love those fruit bars.. I have never has couscous though! We may need to try!

  4. your post has me hungry!! i'm a garbage disposal lately....i eat anything and everything in my path ;)
    i love those BBQ chips! i actually polished off a bag of regular lays BBQ chips when i got home from work today, along with a few other things. haha!
    all the other stuff on your cravings list seems so healthy and delicious as well! i wish healthy food sounded good to me, i can't get enough junk food :(

  5. I love those fruit bars in strawberry. I'm also loving navel oranges. And cereal, always the cereal. If this keeps up I'm getting stock in General Mills.

  6. I can't hang with chips, but I seriously AM IN LOVE with Reeses peanut butter cup cereal. Holy look like dog food but taste like yumminess, batman! I also like Target's Archer Farm chocolate peanut butter. I can put my face in that jar. Try it schmeared on some Gala, you will not regret that snack.

    I also like the Parmesan rice by the Near East company, it's good as a side with dinner, if you've not tried it?


  7. Are the Lays Carolina Barbeque Chips a Georgia thing? Couldn't find them today at Publix so bought honey barbeque. I'll keep looking though! Hurry to your mommy's!!

  8. I'm gonna find those chips...because you know I need to find more chips in my life and all!!

  9. YUM! We have very similar cravings, girlfriend!


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