Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday. And It's Random

*Title adapted from Babbling Abby (love her, go visit her!)

Well, thank God it's Friday, because after this week, being random is all I've got going for me.

Week one of CRCT standardized testing=OVER! One more week to go. Then, ummmmmmmm, I guess I'll teach fourth grade skills. :) I kid, I kid. Kind of.

Let's get started with some bullet points. With plenty of room for you to share your opinions and advice, okay??

*I am STILL hunting a moderately priced big sis/little bro shirt combo for Emma and HME. I know  I can make my own, but please. Full time job, kid, husband, home, pregnant. NOT HAPPENING. Feel free to make one for me though. All colors/designs accepted. I'll give you my address. (Not joking.)

*Curtains-preferably blackout-for Emma's new room. Where can I find them or have them made where I won't spend $100 or more on curtains?? I don't know about stuff like this. Help me, please.

*Rug-for Emma's new room. Where can I find one, again, for not a lot of money? I want a cute crochet type hook rug, but have a feeling that will cost me. I mean, I guess I could go on Etsy and type in rug. But I may be there for DAYS sorting through all of the rugs.

*HUGE shout out to my hoochies, LG, Sister, Mere, and Brooke for hooking a hoochie up with her dream stroller! I love y'all and appreciate you donating to my cause of frivolity. The stroller is awesome, has already been used with two kidlets in it, and gotten a super pointy screw in the back tire. Yeah, that's nice. I'll have to get a new tire evench. (Their tires are foam filled, so it won't go flat.) But, Baby Jogger feels bad for me so they will sell me the tire for $15.

*Kindle question-can you "re loan" a book that you've already borrowed? For example, if I don't finish it in the allotted time, can the person let me borrow it again? DAR would know-she is a Kindle queen-hopefully, she is reading!

*Two amazing recipes I have tried in the last two weeks and become obsessed with?  P Dubs stuffed shells and peanut butter pie. Do yourself a favor and at least make the shells once. Cause dude? They rock. And the pie? Yeah, my homegirl Shannon made it and brought me a piece at work. I licked the Tupperware clean. No joke. I requested it for my work 'baby sprinkle'. It was so good.

*We are transitioning Emma into her new bedroom. To say the amount of material shit in our house is on my last nerve would be an understatement. I am about to lose my mind. I want to throw away/donate/sell SO MUCH STUFF. I cannot take it. How have we accumulated this much crap in almost 7 years? I am getting rid of it. It is ridiculous, and I'm not taking it around to see if other people want it or can use it. That's what Goodwill is for. Sorry husband.

*I am STILL looking for a daybed for our new playroom. I think I have narrowed it down to a metal one, because I don't want the playroom to look like a bedroom. I think a wooden one will make it look like that. I am cruising Amazon for beds, but any suggestions on where you found one would be great!

What are you all up to this weekend? We will be moving clothes/sorting clothes and generally trying to get Emma in the new room and start "de-girly-fying" the nursery for HME. Also on the agenda? Relaxing, and lots of it. Kindle, and lots of it.

Chilling before the travel time of 2011 hits.

Next up, we're out of town for Easter and two weekends after that, a family baby sprinkle in Bham. Dude, that's a lot of driving. Gotta get my chill on now.

Share some suggestions on products please, and check in! I want to know what's going on with y'all!


  1. Target has good cheap blackout curtains - Eclipse is what I think they call them. Or, if you're like me and can't find a color you like, I just got regular curtains for A's room and then bought blackout liners from Land of Nod. You can find blackout liners cheaper from places like Target & Walmart, but these were the only ones I could find that didn't smell awful and didn't look like I'd just hung a white plastic tablecloth over her windows. :) Hope this helps some and happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday & YAY for a new dream stroller!!

    I don't know if I've missed something, but didn't realize you could share Kindle books. Will you fill a sister in?

  3. Ohhh girl. You diiiint. Peanut butter pie?

    G and I will also be partaking in the cleaning out of our crap this weekend. We'll also be lounging around tomorrow evening if it's stormy like the weatherman says, because there's nothing better than jammies, a movie, and homemade pizza on a stormy night. Why? Because it's comfortable and cozy!

  4. You still want City Select car seat attachment right? Its boxed up and ready to send..I was going to send MOnday. Good> Or would you rather something else?

  5. A baby sprinkle???

    I am so glad that my cooking disaster still left you with a love for those shells.

  6. Okay...I;ve got another box of goodies for you then. Including some maternity and post maternity for the stifling (?sp) weather that we will soon endure. Oh, we are spending the entire weekend cleaning out the crap and organizing! It is long overdue!!!!!


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