Saturday, April 23, 2011

For the love of my AmEx...........

Daybed for the playroom purchased.
Try to ignore the heinous plaid bedding.

I got this from Hayneedle (owner of the Foundary) for an outstanding price.
Now, I just have to find some gender neutral, playroom appropriate bedding.
I have learned that there is such a thing as 'Daybed Bedding.' Say what?
I thought you would buy some twin business and slap it on there.
I see a trip to JC Penney's in my future to scope out something cute.

Rug for Emma's new room purchased from Pottery Barn Kids!
LOVE IT! Good size (3x5) and great price, plus I hooked up a PBK gift card
from one of my kids, so that was nice.

Basically, my AmEx (and husband) are begging me to slow down!
Now, I just need to head to Etsy to order some Big Sister shirts.............


  1. LOVE THE RUG. I am on the hunt for a rug for JAX and AB. The first one we had that I loved was ruined by our nanny's chihuaha when she first started and brought him over here. I'm on the rug hunt. Let me know if you have any shopping advice.

  2. I love Emmabears rug and I think you could totally do a blue or green polka dot or stripe on the day bed, or maybe I have the taste of a twelve year old!

    Want to come up to NY and go shopping for home decor for me when we move? I'll give you my credit card! :)

  3. Great purchases! And I so know what you mean about the credit card needing a break. I'm surprised Bank of America hasn't called to inquire about all my extra spending lately!


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