Monday, April 11, 2011

Loving and Missing

Things I am LOVING right now:

*Feeling my sweet boy move all the time now. It's crazy how much more he is going to town now. I guess he is getting bigger and more active. He's probably about to run out of room!

*Luna bars-lemon zest flavor.

*Pedicures-it is soooo induglent to me to have someone wash, clean, scrub, scrape, and paint my toenails. Plus, the massage of the legs is to die for. I would get one every week if I could!

*Chips-of any flavor-I am seriously in love with kettle chips right now though.

*My Kindle! But, I feel really bad about the HUGE stack of books I had set aside before J bought me the Kindle. They must be read before I can buy myself any  new books. Maybe I will compromise with reading one real book, then reading a Kindle book? Thoughts please.

*32 days of school left!!!!!!!!

*This growing belly-even if it is uncomfortable sometimes.

*Husband (duh). When Emma and I got home from our travels, he had cleaned the whole house (like REALLY cleaned), gotten me tulips, and Emma a puzzle. Such a good guy! I told him that he shouldn't have let me see how well he could really clean, because now I will expect more help! Haha!

Things I am MISSING right now:

*Wine-particularly zinfandel. No clue why. I typically end my pregnancies craving some type of alcohol. That's crazy!

*Sleep-seriously. I cannot get comfortable for having to turn my giant self over 3034 times per night. And getting up to tee. And hearing a noise. It's the mom radar built in for crying babies. I just want to sleep through the night. :) I guess I'm getting ready for little to no sleep again. :)

*Regular pants-I love maternity panel pants, but I am tired of the same FOUR pairs that I wear on a weekly basis. Although, over Spring Break, I rotated between two pairs of jeans. Yeah. I'm scared to show my white legs in my preggo shorts. Plus, someone might pass out if they see my ankles.

*Being on/playing with my phone all day long-can't do that now that I'm back to work.

*Not having to cook/clean up. When I was out of town, my mom did all of that, and it was super nice to just chill.

*Having all of that free time to do laundry and other household chores.

*Did I mentuion sleep?? :)

What things are you loving and missing right now?


  1. That was SO sweet of J!! Good Husband!! Glad you had a fun Spring Break. Will be so excited when School is out and you can RELAX !!!

  2. Awww, what a sweet husband you have! Sounds like spring break was awesome. Who wouldn't love being with family and not having to clean?!?!

    Right now I'm loving cereal, sundresses, and the diaper bag my parents bought me for my birthday. I'm missing WINE, the beautiful low 80s we had last week (high of 94 today) and the weekend.

  3. That was so sweet of your hubby! I agree, I think it's a good plan to alternate back and forth between the kindle and your real books :)

  4. I'm with you. The movements are out of control these days. And I'm also with you on the shorts. No way! I'm just not wearing them!

  5. Right now I am just missing you, Emma & Jason! I am loving both my girls, their girls, and their hubbies! That was the sweetest thing ever of Jason!! Give him a hug from me and tell him I like tulips too!!! :-)

  6. I like the lemon Luna bars too...but have you tried the chocolate coconut ones? To die for.


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