Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fashion to Figure review

About a month ago, I was contacted by a company called Fashion to Figure to do a review. This online shop is for women's plus size clothing, and at a size 12-14, I qualified for the plus size part. Which by the way, when did that happen? Maybe I'm delusional, but I sincerely didn't know a size 12 was considered plus size.

I looked through their shop and liked a lot of what I saw. I finally narrowed it down, because as a stay at home mom, let's face it, I don't go out to fancy places a lot, and I also don't dress up unless it's date night or girls' night out. So, I wanted something practical for carrying a 24 pound tot and that would hide my still larger than I would prefer tummy.

Hence, the neon striped, cuffed dolman sleeve jersey top. I LOVE IT. Love. Like, I wish they made it in 5 other colors, because I would totally buy it. But sadly, they do not.

I had a great experience browsing the website, dealing with their customer service and my specific representative. My only "complaint" is that several of the things I wanted weren't available in my size. Like they would start at a 2X. Or only have a cute dress I wanted in a 3X.

Anyway, I am definitely on the lookout for some more tops I can order because the pricing is great and the shipping is a $5 flat rate. Win-win.

So, here is the fabulous shirt. Admire it. Like it. Tell me what you think.

And let's also excuse the craptastic iPhone instagram photo. We can do better than this, but when getting your husband to take a pic at 8:00 am, one can't be too picky.

Now let's see some other things I'm wanting-hoping they have my size.

The great thing about all of these tops is that they are between $20-24!

So, if you are in the same market as me, clothing wise, check out Fashion to Figure and find yourself something cute!

FTC: The company, Fashion to Figure contacted me to do a review. They sent me the item, but no money was exchanged. All opinions are my own.


  1. SITCH! I love that top! Also I really like that neon yellow one you picked. Cute stuff. I kinda really want the one you have on.

  2. Really cute! size 12 is plus size? What the?

  3. 12 is NOT plus sized. Also, you NEED the yellow top. It would look fab with your dark hair.

  4. Umm, YOU are adorable. :) Thatisall.


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