Monday, April 9, 2012

An Explanation

Dudes. What has happened? I owe y'all an explanation. Unfortunately, I don't really have one. Except that I lost my blogging mojo and we've been sick since February 24. Yeah, a month. Just now well.

I'll try to catch you up a la bullet points. And lots of pictures. But, it's going to be crazy, yo. Sorry in advance.

Edited to add: I started this post on March 25 and am finally finishing it the day after Easter. For the love. And we have no bullet points. We just have pictures with details. :)

Here we have where I left off. Our lovely trip to Nashville to visit bestie LG and her boy Peebs. And let's not forget about her boo Erik. I heart him too. We had a big old time with a virus, double ear infection, and other assorted issues. We returned home and tried to mend ourselves. That continued "The Week of Sick."

Here is Fenn (a.k.a. Peebs) and Emma at lunch in Nashville after the mommas 
shopped up the consignment and thrift stores! Lunch at 2:00. Yikers.

Here is a rare shot of Emma and Harrison dressed and looking non trailer. Emma is going through some phases with her "Boodee" as she calls him. Sometimes she abuses him, other times she is in his face saying "Coo Coo little baby, I love you." Mind you, brother is about to weigh the same as her and he's gonna take her down soon.

Modeling some of her summer outfits from her FeFe. Girl is dressed and ready for this summer!

I'm sensing a pattern here. Another pose where she hijacked the LV bag I inherited. She keeps a lot of important items such as blocks, beads, smurfs, and little people inside. And she likes to tote this joker eva-where.

Here is Buddy getting down on some toys at LG's house. He was just learning to crawl here. Now he likes to book it and stand up. Dude is going to be walking by 10 months. Hold me.

Emma has finally learned how to climb all the way up and do the slide at playscapes by herself. 
It is so cute and she begs to go to "Chic-A-Lay" to do the slide.

At the wholesale club where they give out free dum-dums. Emma wanted to share 
with Buddy and boyfriend was ready to get down on a lolli.

While on our Nashville jaunt, Auntie Laura hooked my boy up with some MAD hand me downs. Girl don't play. Harrison is modeling Peebs' Columbia jacket and tie onesie, plus cute shoes. :) PS, there were SEVEN smocked outfits WITH TAGS ON THEM for Harry to borrow. Right on.

Oh Lord help me, this was a rough day. We were at Kroger doing our weekly shopping, and in the checkout line, Harrison had DIARRHEA through his diaper and clothes, all over the buggy, floor, etc. I died right there. Then I said screw it, paid, and left. Got to the car, surveyed the damage, passed out, then realized I had NO DIAPER BAG. Cardinal mom sin. Luckily I had just bought a pack of Huggies overnights, but I had to wipe him with two NAPKINS in my console and since his clothes were ruined, he rode home on a plastic grocery bag. Not my best moment.

Harrison has literally eaten anything I put in front of him. This day was plums. 
He is an eating machine. I'm scared for our wallets when he reaches teenage years.

We went to a ballgame with some friends and this is Emma and Sara Kay playing baseball. So freaking cute. 

Planting sunflowers at FeFe and Poppy's house. They are actually growing!

Harrison's trick the month of March was crawling onto EVERYTHING. 
He gets up to something and then pulls up and squeals.

Also a favorite exploration place-then he falls in the crack between the table and couch and loses his mind because he's wedged like cheese.

On one of our many jaunts to Birmingham/Montgomery to see the grand-parentals, FeFe and I raided Target for "just some conditioner." We bought probably 20 things from the dollar spot for Easter and made Emma model this headband thing. Notice the giant egg cookie she bribed out of her FeFe.

Making funny faces. Her favorite pastime.

Making gluten free bread. Very good and easy! More on the GF journey soon! It's been about 3 months.

Oh dear Lord-one of the reasons I've been going back and forth to Birmingham is for a MAJOR consignment sale. One trip was to drop off all of my sale items. I filled up my ENTIRE EXPEDITION. I had so much stuff, that I calculated how much I was selling, and it was $1250 worth of stuff. There is no way I will sell everything, plus the business I work with takes about 30%, but if I did, I would make about $900. I am already working on a spreadsheet for what I can purchase with my "paycheck". Haha!

I made liquid sidewalk chalk (Pinterest inspired, duh) and Emma was in LOVE. It was ridiculously easy-as in 1C cornstarch, 1 C water, divvy up into muffin tins and add food coloring. The end. It does wash off the cement. Just get a naked baby and don't let them paint themselves. Cause that was harder to remove.

OK so the photo bombing is over for now. I don't exactly have my mojo back in the blogging department, but this post helps me feel more caught up. I have a lot going on. I plan to blog about Easter, more travels, upcoming trips and plans, a review, gluten free living, and more. I hope I still have some readers and friends left! Sorry to have been absent for so long. The sickness really got us down! Fingers crossed for very warm weather, healthy kids. and lots of fun adventures!

I hope you all are well and had a blessed Easter holiday.


  1. I miss you GF and glad to see your kids' precious faces up in the blog! I hope everyone stays healthy - send me a novella!!


  2. I've missed your updates Sus!

  3. Ahhh those kiddos are just too precious for words!!


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