Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You're not a baby anymore

As I just sat rocking you for your afternoon nap, I looked you over and huffed your sweet smell. But, it's gone. Now, you smell like a real person {still not sure how that's possible} and real food. You had sweet potatoes and Lima beans in your hair. Your little newborn smell is gone unless it's right after a bath.

Granted, you're 10.5 months old. You're a boy, and you are stinky. ;) You eat all table food now, still with only two bottom teeth halfway in and a top tooth breaking through right now. You act like an old pro on the eating, and you are SO very different from your sis on that. You will literally eat anything-not just food. I've caught you with a plastic golf ball in your mouth-the whole thing, a rubber stopper from a door stop, a sticker, a piece of dry dogwood, and a piece of plastic from around a spice container. Yikes. Real food wise, you are eating it all and do not discriminate. Today was a GF pancake and turkey sausage for breakfast and Limas, sweet potatoes, ravioli, and chicken for lunch.

You are crawling everywhere and into everything. You are pulling up and walking while holding on to things. Our house currently looks like an asylum/show home because things are Jerry rigged and put up everywhere. The tv has a piece of cardboard taped over the button so you can't turn it on and off. The dish receiver has tape over all its buttons, all of my faux plants are moved, the fireplace decor is barren, the ashes all vacuumed out, every cabinet and drawer needs a lock, and I have no more BBW plug ins because you are obsessed with them.

You are so different, so BOY, and so my little buddy. You are not much for sitting still, but in the morning when we wake up together, you will lean against me while sitting on my lap and let me attempt to feed you your bottle. That's another thing-you're slowly weaning off the bottle, or want to do it yourself. But, for about ten minutes in the morning you will let me hold you and we will cuddle. You do still live for me to rock you before any bedtimes, and since Emma never liked that, I'm milking that one.

You love to play, either with Emma or alone. You are very good at independent play. I learned with your sis that it's super important to develop that skill. You are also OBSESSED with Emma. She loves when you "chase" her or steal her binkie or just sit and watch her. You love to bang things and toys around. Ha! You also have no fear. Hold me.

I am planning your first birthday party now and can't believe I've been at home with my babies for almost an entire year! I'm still getting the hang of it! We are going to the beach in two weeks and I can't wait to see what you think of the pool and ocean! You will most likely try to eat the sand. ;)

Little one, you are growing so fast, but I am so happy I've been with you every day and watched you grow!

Just noticed that almost every picture he is in his high chair EATING-haha!

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  1. He is his own little man! So cute! There is nothing like being with them their first year.

  2. How are they so old? I am not ready!

    But man, is he adorbs! He and Ella would be such fast friends!

  3. Oh my goodness, Harrison is really growing up too quickly for me!! Yes, he is adorable and so full of himself! Hugs to Emma and Harrison!!

  4. Oh my goodness! 10.5 months... where have I been?! Oh yeah preggo... is that a good enough excuse? Harrison is just so darn cute! Can't wait to see the 1 year party plans ;)


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