Friday, April 27, 2012

Mother's Day-what I'm stalking

Here is what I am craving for Mother's Day! Just need to get my list out there for husband to see. Hopefully. J, are you reading? :)

I need this knife. I have NO good knives and I have used this knife multiple times at sister's house. It is amazing and my cooking will improve tenfold. Here that? More cooking. Better cooking.

It needs to be this one: the Wusthof 7" Santoku. Neeeeed it.
Sold at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I also would like some money to spend on books at Amazon. Cause they are for my Kindle app. So please and thank you, my Goodreads list of "To Read" is growing ridic.
 I also would like a strawberry huller. We eat a lot of berries up in this heezy. I'm not choosy on brand, but I want it to be easy. LG has a rad one from Williams Sonoma. This is an Oxo brand one. Also sold alongside that marvelous knife at Bed Bath and Beyond.

 What girl doesn't need more Scentsy? I would like some spring fragrances. I can pick them out if you desire. Clean, crisp, not food related smells. The Scentsy is only online honey bun. :) I also have a consultant-I can give you her email. Ha!

And duh. I always need more coffee. This is also only sold online. But, I can go to the magical BBB and choose flavors as well. I'm not hard to please. :)

One might think it was Christmas/Birthday up in here. But no-just my greedy heart wanting needing some new items. Please and thank you. I have been a great mom and now have two kidlets, so I think one gift from each would be aprope. Hope you agree! Love in advance!

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