Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day at the Park

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the park across the street from our house.

So what if she was a little bit redneck looking-she was still super cute!

We took brother in the wagon and we took a few popsicles.

 Here is Harrison is his "nest."

Yuuum, I love otter pops!

I think I need to take my popsicle up here.......

"My do it," is your favorite thing to say.

Excuse your diaper hanging out.

Crawling through the tunnel while eating my pop.

Let me get all the juice out of here.

Long legs McGee!

Here is Harrison's wagon setup in the shade.

Just a swingin'

I love being outside!

Loo was having a blast, but I was sweating my who ha's off! Harrison started crying about 20 minutes in, so I blamed him for our quick escape! :) I'm glad it's just across the street from our house, otherwise my poor girl wouldn't be getting any playground time! It's 122 degrees and with a newborn, we aren't going out much!

What do you do when it's super hot (too hot!) to do things outside with the kids?


  1. Long Legs McGee is right, she has supermodel legs! So pretty! Does Daddy J have him a nice, shiny shotgun?

  2. we eat a lot of popsicles in the bathtub...

  3. Oh how I wish we lived close to each other and could tackle the park together. Can I just say that I STILL cannot get over Emma's cuteness in her pink glasses?

  4. I always opt for water play in the yard. Have u bought a redneck kiddie pool yet? I loved mine when Maia was a little younger. Now we have a stand alone slide and a sprinkler play thing for her. So she can run around and exhaust herself and water the plants at the same time. :) by the way I love her glasses. I got glasses before I was two years old and hers are way cuter than mine ever were. Hope you guys are well!

  5. So cute! Looks like y'all had tons of fun!

    Also, she really does have super long legs!

  6. Love Harrison in the wagon and that is awesome you have a park across the street! Fun day! :)

  7. The kids are precious!! I have been keeping my 18 month old nephew and I make just about every other day a pool day!HA I know that would be hard for you with the new little guy! But I am with you, it's too dang hot to go outside!!


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