Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Let's stream, shall we?

*I need a schedule for the days that we stay home all day. When we have no playdates or activities, I need some structure besides nap, feed kids, change diapers. I don't want to let her watch TV more than one hour per day, but it's sooo HOT outside, and HME cannot go out yet. And who am I kidding-I don't want to go outside either. We can play in the sandbox and water table on the screened in porch, but I need some things for us to do. Like art time, reading, "school" stuff, etc. Ideas???

*OMG I need to figure out how I'm going to lose this baby weight because I cannot go back to Weight Watchers right now, espesh with two kids. All I do is eat being at home all day. WTF.

*I feel like I need to "play" or interact with HME more, but he doesn't really DO anything right now.

*I want to stab children's TV shows. Now we are watching GPB/PBS Sesame Street central-it's better than Dora, Fresh Beats, etc.

*I cannot believe I just wrote a sentence about BS kids' shows.

*I wash clothes everyday. And run the dishwasher. And take out the trash. Who knew that adding one kid to the home would produce so much more laundry, dishes, and trash?

*I can't wait for some of my twitter friends to have their babies!

*It's my 7th wedding anniversary this weekend-we're going to eat and see a movie!

*Right now, I'm kind of scared that I'm going to miss not starting back to school in August. What is wrong with me? I've wanted to stay home with Emma since she was born, and now I am. But I think I want to work? Seriously, what is that? Who does that?

*HME is still waking up every 2-3 hours each night to eat. Enough said.

*Teen Mom original season makes me cry. Amber is really portrayed as a bad mom. She has major issues. This makes me so effing sad. This is what is wrong with a lot of kids. Their parents do stupid shit like ignore them, scream at them, etc and the kids have issues in school and life. All because some people needed to have sex at age 16. For the love. Then they complain about their kids and how hard their life is. THEN CLOSE YOUR LEGS. Jesus. Do they not think they will get pregnant? (PS, not all of the girls are "bad moms." Some are really working hard to make a better life for themselves.

*That is all. I needed an even number to end the list. Pictures coming soon. :)


  1. I already miss you and school hasn't even started yet! That is so funny you mentioned teen mom. I am watching the reruns right now (well that and the Casey Anthony bs on HLN). For your anniversary don't go see Bad Teacher. It was HORRIBLE. We saw transformers yesterday and it was amazing! Ok I'm starting to sound random........love you and miss you babe!

  2. I love your blog! Fresh Beats suck a fat one!


  3. Add me to the list of people that don't enjoy the FB Band. Ugh. If I hear that banana song one more time...I'll lose it.

    Kiss that little HME for me and hug sweet Emma. You are doing such a great job!

  4. Ugh the FB Band!! The munchkin would watch that show over and over if I let her. What does she see in that show?!?!? I am so jealous you will get to stay home with your kiddos. Maybe by the time we have our second child I will be able to do that too... one can only hope! Oh and Happy Anniversary!

  5. I hear you on needing a schedule! I have been home all summer too and I feel so unmotivated!! And I totally understand what you mean about wanting to do the opposite of what you are doing..... I couldn't wait for the summer to just kick it but in all reality it is boring (I too just sit around and eat ALL day)!! If you come up with some ideas for things to do, let me know!! I am in desperate need as well!

  6. Does your local library have activities? I mean, its inside and AC'd, and it might be a nice little respite for the three of you?

    In any case, gf, you're doing such a great job and I admire you. I feel for you and wish I could do something, but I know that things will get easier for you and in the end, both HME and ESE will very very much appreciate all the sacrifices their mama made for them.


  7. Ditto on the teen mom. I hate it for them but agree they have NO business having sex so young. Poor little children they have. Amber needs SERIOUS therapy and they need to take that baby away from her STAT.


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