Thursday, July 28, 2011


This weekend, my mom and sis came to visit. We always have a blast, and this weekend was no exception. With two little girls under two, good times were had! Even if my kid was saying, "Mine" all weekend!

Here are some shots from our fun day in the water on Saturday!

Is this child not beautiful? Miss Scarlet is 14 months old now!

Looby showing her how to play in the water table.

I'm gonna spray you!!


We had a great time, even though Scarlet developed an ear infection!
In addition to playing outside with the water, we went to consignment stores, garage sales, and grocery stores. We ate and drank entirely  too much! But, what else is new? We got a lot of good gifts/toys for the girls' Christmas at the consignment/garage sales!
We will see y'all in two weeks for Emma's birthday party!


  1. Omg!!! I DIE these pics are hysterical and so cute!! Wish I had been there too! Love you guys xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, SO fun. It looks liek they had a blast together. And what's not to love about a toddler in a diaper.


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