Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Month-at Six Weeks!

Well, my little baby is now six weeks old, and I'm just now getting his one month pictures and stats up.

That's life with two kids, I guess.

I'm still deciding/working on the best position for his monthly shots. It's clear that I need to back up big time so you can see him in relation to the chair. I got these little stickers from Etsy for his onesies. It's much easier than typing and printing a page like I did for Emma.


 I love all of these pictures, but I like this last one best because you can see how
big he is compared to his chair.

So, Harrison, what are you up to this month?

Weight 11 pounds, 15 ounces!
Height 23 inches
Head Circumference 39 cm

You are eating almost every 3 hours. I guess it's the breastmilk? We have had a few 4 or 5 hour stretches at night, and that's glorious! I am not monitoring my food intake anymore. You seem to handle all types of foods now. I am putting some rice in your bottle at night, and you like it. The doctor said I could try it to help you sleep better.

We also take a warm bath every night to chill you out and get you sleepy before your last feeding. Then, you go into your crib. You moved into your own room at 3 weeks old. I sleep much better now, and you do too! You are a noisy, scromply little fellow. :)

You are a VERY easy, laid back, good natured baby. You don't cry unless you are hungry or have a huge blowout diaper. Speaking of diapers, you have peed on me and yourself about 45 times. Yesterday you peed on your own head!

You love your rain forest bouncy chair. You aren't a fan of your swing so much anymore, probably because I only put you in it when you're super tired and you want to be held then. You still like swaddling, and you really don't mind your car seat. I guess you like being confined.

Your sister is in love with you. She constantly kisses you, pats you, gets in your face, and talks to you. Emma's favorite thing to say to you is, "Bless you baby." You do seem to calm down when she talks to you (if you're crying). It's precious to see my babies interact!

You are a BIG boy and I love you to death. You are so sweet and happy my baby boy.
Love you.


  1. He is SO cute! I am jealous of the blue-eyed-brown-haired baby combo that you and Jason make!

    I need to meet him and see Emma again!

  2. He is so cute! What a little love. I am so glad Emma is loving being a big sister. I will miss you this year at school.

  3. What a handsome little man he is! So sweet. Glad he's such a good, happy baby for you and that Emma loves him so much!

  4. He is SO PRECIOUS!!!! I love that they love loving on each other.

  5. He is so freaking cute. I cannot wait to snuggle me some Harrison.


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