Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Midweek Randoms

Totally copying Megan on the title, but it sounds better than Wednesday Randomosity. Any way you look at it, it's Wednesday, and it's random.

*I still haven't finished unpacking Harrison's nursery. What the what? I'm a slacker. When they nap, I blog, read blogs, watch TV, wash eleventy billion bottles, etc. Also, he has no baby book. Already starting out where he doesn't get the same things as his sister. You will notice that he is also five weeks old and I have YET to take his one month pic and do a post. I am really going to try to do that tonight. I have to not beat myself up over stuff like this, but I really want to do the same things for Harrison that I did for Emma.

*My mom and sis are coming in town this weekend. Word. I'm super excited.

*Emma's second birthday is at Gymboree. We are having a play party! It's coming up soon. Look at her cute invitations! (Not the real ones, just an example of what they look like). Amy is awesome and rushed them to me since I didn't order them early enough. I guess I was kind of busy with HME..... :) If you need some awesome invitations for CHEAP, check out Distinct Designs by Amy.

*We are having Harrison's baptism the day after her birthday since everyone will already be in town. I'm excited, but feel rushed. And don't even get me started on what I will fit into/wear to this event. Guess I'll have to go buy a fat dress because I STILL can't fit into my old clothes. I miss you size 6/8. I hope to see you again soon. Like, real soon.

*My awesome friend Jill is making Emma's Sesame Street cupcakes (Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, etc) and Harrison's monogram baptism cake. CANNOT wait to see and taste those jokers!

*I need some good recommendations on where to get cheap photo birth announcements. Like 1.00 or less. Cause we're ordering at least 50. So, please share some good sites OR links to cute boy ones. Please. I will love you forever if you can recommend a site or a specific announcement. I like classic styles.

*We have a lot of birthdays in July. We've been shopping for FeFe and Fenn, plus getting baby shower gifts for my friend Ali. It's fun, but super hard to tote these kids around in 90+ degree heat and have them hold it together so I can peruse gifts.

*Does anyone else feel like character stuff (Elmo, Dora, etc) is taking over your house? God, I'm going to scream if I see any more Sesame Street or "Dodo" stuff-Emma begs for it, it just seems to be creeping in everywhere. She just realized all of the characters were on her diapers too. For the love.

*Showering does not occur on ANY kind of regular basis around here. It's been three days. I just threw up in my mouth a little. I have to "cage" Emma in her crib and Harrison has to be either asleep or seriously calm. I don't want to get in and rush, I want to enjoy myself, so why even attempt if they are being ill pills? On another note, I do have a lady parts appt tomorrow, so I will be sure to shower. :)

*Scheduling appts with two kids is a holy nightmare. I've had Harrison's one month checkup, my OB checkup, and an upcoming dental appt, and Jason either has to meet me on his lunch to get one of them, or I have to find a babysitter. All my school friends are going back to work in their classrooms, so they are unavailable. I'm not even going to attempt taking Emma into my dentist. Harrison is another story. He sleeps. In a carseat. The end. Thankfully, Emma's former babysitter is taking her on the dentist day. I told Emma today, and she starting babbling about Miss Kiss and Reecey! She remembers-it's so cute!

*Since I have the diaper bag from hell (toting junk for two kids), I recently ordered this awesome contraption. It's called the callet. I cannot wait for it to get here. My bestie has one and I've seen it in action-it's a great thing since I'm always toting my phone-now I just slip my debit/credit cards in, and I'm done! This will probably become my new wallet. Until I get a purse back.

The cards go on the back-there's a little pocket there.

*I bought some black tea + lemonade K cups today and I can't wait to try them! Also, I may have purchased some cinnamon bun coffee cups. Pretty sure I'm looking forward to sticking my face in that tomorrow morning.

*Be on the lookout for Mr. Harrison's picture to grace the header soon. My rad designer is working on it.

*I'm on a 'Baby Story' marathon right now, and one of the girls is Skyping with her aunt through delivery. I'm sorry, but WTF? That is effing weird. And gross. She just watched her push.

*Harrison is addicted to this cute consignment bouncy chair ($20!) We love it too-because he sleeps in it. A lot.

*TLC is pretty much the shiznit. Hoarders? Yes, please. My Strange Addiction? Hellz yeah. Baby shows? Right on. Now you know what I do when the kids sleep. However, the Strange Addiction show just showed an ad for someone who likes to "be a baby" and wear diapers and use a paci. Umm, WTH lady? I think some of these jokers make this up to get on the show.

*I need to wrap this rambler up and do something with myself. Holla y'all. What have you been up to?



  1. I spent a ridiculous amount on Sally's baby book and I have yet to fill out one page. I wrote all her mile stones down on the calendar so I threw calendars from 2009 and 2010 with the baby book in her dresser and there they still sit. Whoopsie.
    Re: no showers. That was how I was with Sally, I can only imagine how it will be with #2. Have you tried Batiste Dry Shampoo? I am a dry shampoo master and have tried them all. Batiste is the best, found at Ulta, and retails for $7.99. Get you some girl.

  2. OMG I cannot wait to be there Friday! I guess I should tell you that Scarlet got Emma TONS of Elmo and Dora shat for her bday. Get excited. Lets plan a taco bell car eating for this trip. Luh-you

  3. Suz! I got Josie's birth announcements at Dollar Tree! They were classic and cheap and I even got some photo ones. I went on to a website and had photos printed very cheaply and slipped them in! All done! Very easy and cheap and classy!

  4. I was all, "Dang, those are some high expectations!" when I was reading your first bullet. Then I thought about my ugly cry earlier today to G because I didn't have a book I needed and I didn't want to pay for it and I couldn't get my paragraph written without information in that book and I had a meltdown that your children would look at me with shock and awe over. And then I realized we're very much alike and I should take a page from your book and not beat myself up for whatever I can't get done!

    Have fun with your mama and sissy!

    Love you!

  5. My baby book for Walker is a joke! I gave up. Ha! Don't worry about a shower...overrated! ;)

  6. I cannot wait to see you and your sweet family too!! The invitations are adorable - please tell Amy she did a fantastic job! Whatever is going on with your blog title, the sites to check that you refer to or whatever, can you darken them? And all the blogs that you follow are listed in the same color as the background (which is beautiful) but doesn't work for the type color. But then again, it may just be my OLD eyes!! See you Friday and ♥ you!

  7. I was getting ready to see if you wanted an Elmo bag instead of Curious George (no I haven't started it yet; my cousin is in from out of town this week). I guess not? LOL

  8. You had a TON to talk about but I am so glad you did! I love it when you blog!!
    I used to love Sesame Street growing up so I'm glad Emma is addicted. Why yes I'm an enabler!!!

  9. Love Hoarders! Doesn't that show just make you want to get up and clean and throw stuff away?


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