Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Emma Lately

I've gone way too long without an update on my little girl!

Emma is into everything! Shocker, right? Girlfriend is a test in patience, for sure! I guess I'm getting my payback now!

Favorite Foods:
*Fruit/veggie pouches
*Gummies-her vitamins are gummies and she begs for anything gummy!
*Anything remotely unhealthy (chips, sweets)\

I am still having to do a lot of bribing to get her to eat things (ie eat the apple slice and you can have a chip). It's ridic. But, she eats it and gets a chip. Or an Earth's Best oatmeal letter cookie. Or an ice pop. You get the idea. The things I said I would never do..................right. Get back to me on that if you said you would never do that.

Favorite Things to Do:
*Do chalk, color, paint, anything arty
*Ride in your "car" (cozy coupe scored for $7 at a consignment sale)
*Watch movies. Duh. Another thing I wasn't going to do. However, when you have a 4 month old who eats and poops every 3 hours, you will let the other go buck wild on some DVD's. Whatever. She's smart.

Favorite Books:
*Anything with baby sign language in it
*Books about animals
We are some library going fools lately! We go twice a week. Emma gets books and movies and we go for storytime too. That is a whole nother post!

Favorite Things to Say:
*My do it
*No m'am mommy (which lands her in time out)
*I looooove you mommy
*Hey chunky boy (to Harrison)
*Stop it __________ (fill in with Bart, Flash, me, or whatever is annoying her. Another straight to time out)

Favorite Toys:
*Play cupcakes/tea party
*Play with my muffin tins/cake pans

Posing-in an 18 month onesie (even though she is now 26 months old), Elmo socks, 
and Puma sneakers. She looks extremely bow legged here-not sure why??

Picking flowers

Eating broccoli and pear pouch (that I told her was green apples!)
Again with the Elmo!

Sit and spin! $5 at a consignment sale! Lurrvvves it!

Farmer Emma

Ha! LG will love me posting this pic, but I just noticed she was in the background! Emma was cheesin and LG was working on her iLatch stuff. Ever since we went to stay with them, Emma keeps saying, "Bye mommy. Goin to Peeb's house!"

Emma is obsessssssssed with balloons!

At Aunt Sarah's house-about to go play with FeFe. She is such a ham! 
NOW she finally says cheese and smiles! And, tells me to take her picture.

We are experiencing the lovely "Terrible 2's" and have been for about 9 months! I know it will last until she's about 3!! I do have to say I'm very consistent with discipline, no matter where we are. Emma has had a time out in Target, Publix, and the library. That's just how I roll (9 years of teaching kids made me very strict!) But, I've gotten compliments on how well behaved and well mannered she is, so I'm doing something right!

It's very entertaining and challenging being a mom to two kids under 3! But, I wouldn't trade it for anything! Even when I tweet I'm going crazy! Ha!


  1. she is such a cutie! I'm sure she loves having Harry around too!

  2. She is so cute! I wanna come visit!

    Love & miss

  3. She is an absolute doll! She has the prettiest hair! I am going to be a strict Momma to one day, I will have to pick your brain for tips! I think it is very important to start early with discipline! I tend to believe it will make it easier when they are older! Good job girl!

  4. She is so grownie and presh! and she is VERY well behaved I can attest to that! Who cares about her eating bribes, long as she is eatin! I miss her! Peebs says hi. and she is ADORBS in those overalls!


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