Monday, October 31, 2011

Y'all. It's been domestic craziness over here in the Casa de Edwards. I've been baking, cooking new recipes, working out my crockpot, and making babyfood/cleaning products. What the?

I HAVE to share these two recipes with you. I found them from some bloggy girlfriends, and they are both AMAZING. Do yourself a favor and try them sometime!

First up, pumpkin oreo cheesecake minis. Nicole from The Wallace Word gifted me with this delicious recipe. I took them to my baker BFF's Halloween party, and they were a hit! They are SUPER easy too-I swear, I'm not a baker, and this was not difficult to make!

Pic from Nicole
Visit her blog for the complete recipe and helpful pictures!

Next, we have a nice dinner from Laura at Between the Lines. This is a baked spaghetti alfredo. Laura made some tweaks to the recipe, but I followed the original (posted on her blog) and it was outstanding. It also made a ton, so we have lots of leftovers.

Pic from Laura
Visit her blog for the complete recipe!

Hopefully you can try one (or both) of these recipes soon. Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, girlfriend!!! Weren't they SO easy and delicious?!? I'm glad they were a hit for you. :)

  2. i've bookmarked these to try later! yums!


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