Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've been a very inconsistent blogger lately. Sorry guys, I really have no excuse. I've been reading A LOT during naptime and giving my normal chores of cleaning, blogging, and commenting the shaft. I have to make a plan and schedule and get with it!

Here's what we've been up to:

*Hanging out with Emma's (and my) friends from my old school. So hilarious! The kids are both like 1-3 months apart, so Mindy and I have lots to talk about. Our friend Ali came with her PRESH little 4 week old too. So little and sleepy! I miss it already.........

*Playing outside LOTS. Enjoying this weather while we can. However, it has been raining the past two days!

*Making chocolate almond pie. The easiest thing I've ever made! And, delicious! Melt 6 Hershey's with almonds bars. Mix with an 8 ounce container of cool whip (I used light. I'm sure it's because I'm watching my weight. Not. Old habits and all). Pour into an oreo crust. Freeze. Keep in freezer when you're not stuffing it in your face.

*Reading. As mentioned above, we've been library whores like woah. Emma is getting about 5-6 books a week, and I'm putting down about 2. I've made my way through most of Tess Gerritsen, working on James Patterson, and finishing up most of Kristen Hannah. By the way, I LOVE her books! Firefly Lane, Winter Garden, The Things We Do For Love, and True Colors. Very interesting!

*Having friends over for dinner. So much fun! I plan to do this more often! I miss my work friends!

*Making plans to go to school and visit old friends. And, thinking of them as they go through the heinous-ness that is the end of quarter one. (Conferences, grades due, etc.)

*Looking forward to an afternoon of drinks and gossip with friends this Friday! Yay!

*Having a blast as a family last weekend at the pumpkin patch and our neighborhood fall festival. Pics coming soon. Beware, cuteness overload!

*Neverending laundry for the love. I get all caught up, then bam! I still have to put it away and then there are more dirty clothes! Cray-cray!

*Starting to research and make Harrison's baby food. I really wanted to do this with Emma, but I didn't make the time. I have the book Super Baby Food and am excited to do this for Harrison! Plus, I have lots of friends who do this that I can turn to for advice!

*I've been working on swaying husband on the iPad2 for Christmas. I need some more selling points please! Hook it up @grizas :) Me want one bad!!!!!!!!!! (On the way to a Mac household!!)

*Not much else around here. Like I said, it's random. I know what y'all have been up to because I have been reading. Please leave me some advice on scheduling, baby food making, and the iPad2!!!

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  1. That chocolate almond pie looks so delicious. :)


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