Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two on Tuesday

I'm linking up with Andrea for '2 on Tuesday' again this week.

The topic is: What are your two favorite restaurants?

Anything Mexican! We have a few around here that we frequent! We always get tons of chips and salsa, sometimes get queso, and I typically get 2 or 3 hard tacos. Not much deviation from the norm. I may branch out to nachos or a taco salad.

Also, I LOVE Chili's. Generic, I know. I love their chips and salsa, plus if I'm craving a salad, they have TONS of good choices. I pretty much like their whole menu.

So, link up for '2 on Tuesday' with Andrea and tell us, what are your favorite restaurants!!

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  1. i love chilis... yum.

    do you like chipotle? i've never been.

    so sorry i'm so late to comment. i'm trying to catch up, but there is no excuse for my lateness! i apologize!


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