Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two on Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I'm linking up with Andrea for.........

Today's topic is fashion disasters/mistakes you made. Y'all. My whole life from 6-12th grade was a fashion disaster. I can't even remember most of my heinous crimes, but I do vividly remember these few things from middle/high school. Yes, it dates me. 

First up, allll the cool girls had these Liz Claiborne purses. The one WITH the raised triangles. This was a middle school requirement. I believe I had two-a red one I scored for Christmas, and a white one I stole from my mom. That joker was packed OUT with junk. (Kissing potion, word!)

Ahhh, the Duckhead shorts. I'm sure I had some cracked out colors like this. 
I know I had the beige ones, but these, rolled up. Stop the world.

Duh. Slouch socks. It was the early 90's after all. 

Another duh. Slap bracelets. These were eventually outlawed at our school
 because people were getting cut while slapping. Ridic.

Guess jeans yo. You HAD TO HAVE the little triangle and the zipper down the ankle to be cool. I had only a few pairs, cause my momma was not about to spend $50-60 on jeans! I vividly remember a white pair and a GREEN pair. Yeah.

Bass shoes. Not just for boys. You wore them with the Duckheads. 
Get a good mental image there. That's hottt.
So basically, my whole life has been a fashion disaster. And, I'm still having one. What? Yoga pants and a Grateful Dead tee aren't hip?

Maybe my mom will send me some old school pics from middle/high school and I'll do a pic reveal of my coolness. I'll try to score a few yearbooks too. Yikes, 1991 called..............


  1. Umm, slouch socks were awesome! Especially when you and your BFF wore matching colors! I showed my daughter what I did with my socks at her age and she looked at me like I was crazy!

  2. Agreed with Jen. My favorite was wearing MULTIPLE PAIRS of slouch socks. IN DIFFERENT COLORS.

    Work it grrrl!

  3. We found one of you at one of Melissa's birthday's, I still need to scan that bad boy and share with the world.

  4. I am totally with ya on the Guess Jeans, I had to have them!!! We had a store that sold them at a discounted price and we went there for our yearly school clothes shopping trips and I racked up everytime! HA My favorite were red stone washed! I thought I was HOT STUFF!!!! HA

    And who says yoga pants and t-shirts aren't style... they are my style anyway!

  5. LMAO! I had all of those too! Cept my Guess jeans were FRENCH BLUE and my mom had to pull them over my ankles while i laid in floor casue they were so tight! ha Also Liz with the triangles! I never rolled my duckheads tho!


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