Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nashville Play Time

Last weekend I took the children to Nashville to play with friends and family, as well as shop a few hundred consignment sales. Bestie is a master shopper, and she had lined up our weekend with loads of sales! I got all of the children's clothing for fall and winter for $237! And that was including a few toys! Special thanks to my MIL for giving me money to buy the kids' clothing! Very generous!

On Friday, we shopped it up! No pics of this extravaganza. Sufficed to say, Laura and I were ready to get heavily wasted by the time we got home. The kids' chorus of crying was enough to drive anyone over the edge.

On Saturday, we watched the Auburn game and got the kiddos all dressed up in their Auburn gear. Here are a few pictures of them being precious.

 Emma and Fenner Bear. Who Emma called Peebs all weekend. 

 Peebs love!


 Riding in Peeb's car


Swinging with Uncle Erik!

 Cornhole-Emma was obsessed!

Hanging with her great grannie Annie!

On Sunday we went to the Titans tailgate and to play with Grannie Annie. We all had a blast!

Thanks, Laura, Erik and Peebs for hosting us and our craziness. Atl and the guest room are waiting on you to come over and play!!

We had a blast!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Open Letters

Dear AT&T,
    For the love of your internet connectivity, I'm about to lose my mind. Get your act together. As we "speak," I am pricing out packages from Charter, Plus, you are extremely overpriced.

Your customer for the last 10 years

Dear Dish Network,
     Ditto. I hate your stupid dish losing reception when the wind blows. You're about to be out with the wind too. See above.

Peace Out,
Your customer for the last 7 years

Dear Charter,
    Expect a call from me next week to set up TV/phone/internet. Maybe you can teach those peeps above a thing or two!

A new customer

Dear Dogs,
     If you don't stop barking while the children are asleep, I'm going to give you away to a zoo in Africa. Your antics are not amusing to me. Watch it, you're on thin ice.

Your mom

Dear Harrison,
     Did you miss the memo on  not waking up at 3:00 am? I know you got it because you were sleeping allll the way through the night. Please try to find that note and read up on it. Momma's tired.


Dear Emeline,
     I am worried about your eating habits. Please stop being so picky. I fear you will turn into a hot dog, chicken nugget, or macaroni. I just want you to be healthy. I promise that oranges, whole grains, and real meats won't hurt you.


Dear dog hair,
     Get the hell out of my house. I don't have enough money to pay the maids to come weekly. Be gone.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two on Tuesday!

Andrea is hosting '2 on Tuesday' and I'm linking up!

The topic is "Fall Shows" and "Cleaning Products."

I don't watch much regularly scheduled TV (we don't have a DVR, gasp!!), so I'm going to stick with the cleaning products.

Cleaning happens to be one of my favorite things to do. It's a bit harder with two kids, but I do enjoy that fresh, clean, accomplished feeling once the house or a few rooms are done!

For products, the two I use most are:

 I LOVE (and have a slight obsession with) Clorox wipes! They can clean so many surfaces in my house! I wipe down my kitchen and bathroom counters several times a day, and use them to wipe the toilet seats every few days. Basically, they're rad. I'm sure you all use them too. I buy them in bulk at the wholesale club!

This is another great kitchen cleaning product! I use it on the sink, microwave, stove, and oven. It gets up the nasty stuff that is stubborn. I also buy this in bulk.

Other things I use regularly are Carpet Fresh, and Greenworks bathroom spray. I'm not all "organic" on my cleaners or anything (obvi), but I like how it doesn't smell like chemicals. The carpet fresh is for the DOG HAIR FESTIVAL on our carpets. Our dogs STINK! Constantly. I also vacuum every other day. Having a good vacuum will make you obsessive, right b.e.g.??? :) I like the lines!

What do you all use? I can always use some good, new products!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Timeline of my night

3:30 Harrison wakes up rarin to go. I put him in bed with me and pray he falls back to sleep.

4:04 Not happening. Get the bottle I made before bed.

4:30 Finish bottle. Look around and coo.

5:00 I "mummify" him in the swaddle and start rocking.

5:23 He falls asleep. I lay him back in his bed and his eyes fly open. I cry and walk away.

5:26 Emma starts coughing and moving around. Awesome. Gonna be a long day driving back to Atl.

Never leaving town again.

Dear buddy,
WTF? You've been sleeping through the night for almost 5 weeks. Go back to that, stat. Momma can't take it!

Dear Emma,
What's up with your sleep? You're two. Sleep past 5:30 when we are out of town (or at all times.)

Thank you and I love you both.

The end.

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Love ya all!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Life Round These Parts....

Since I last updated, we have been super busy and very "travelly," if that is a word. If not, it should be.

It's Monday, and it's random. Let's do bullets.

  • At the end of August, J went out of town for work, so I packed the kiddos up and we came to visit Birmingham. Fun times were had by all! Friends were seen and played with. We left on Saturday and came home. In the process of leaving, I managed to HIT A CAR parked at the end of my sister's driveway. So, that was a nice parting gift. Can't wait to see our new insurance bill.
  • We've been busy playing and catching up on housework and being back at home. On Thursday, my dad called to tell me that my mom fell at work and broke her leg. So, I called in reinforcements (my AWESOME in laws) and they came to stay and take care of the babies with J so I could come home to care for mom.
  • Packing for yourself only after ALWAYS packing for two kids is a glorious, light feeling. I also made record time home because I didn't have to stop and feed anyone or change diapers.
  • My mom is pitiful. That is all.
  • I also am not even CLOSE to being ready to dealing with sick parentals. Please GOD don't let anything happen to either of our parents. I cannot deal with caregiving while having two small children. It's just freaking sad.
  • Sarah and I are consigning a crapload of stuff for this MASSIVE sale at the end of September. When I say crapload, I mean SIX lawn size trashbags full of stuff. It was due on Saturday morning. Since sissy got her job, she hasn't been able to do all the work like we originally intended. So, needless to say after  she got home on Friday, we started wine consumption and were up until 1:00 AM labeling, pricing, pinning, and hanging those SIX bags of clothes, toys and other miscellaneous sale items.
  • We did get to sleep in since both kiddos were in absentia, but were up by 8:30. We jetted to the drop off point with some friends and spent a good 2 hours in a HERD of other crazy consigners hanging and organizing all of our business.
  • Mom got out of the hospital from surgery on Saturday. Again, it is sad. She broke her tibia and shattered her ankle bone, and now has a plate and some screws in there. So, no weight on the foot obvi. We spent all of Friday finding her a bedside commode, a shower stool, and a rolling walker. She is in a lot of pain and is trying not to be a "burden" and wants to do things herself.
  • Today brought a reaction to the Percocet and me calling her doctor for another pain med that wouldn't contain codeine. That's harder than you would think.
  • I've been a library book reading fool lately.
  • I think my milk is drying up. But I'm not really sad because I have enough frozen to last for 4-5 months. 
  • I miss my children and husband like WHOA.
  • I'm leaving Thursday to go to Nashville to see my grannie and bestie and to hit up a HUGE church consignment sale. What is a reasonable amount to spend on Emma and Harrison's fall/winter wardrobe? It will all be from consignment sales. I'm going to this church one and the massive one we sold our stuff to. I need to set a limit so I know what I can spend at each. I'm thinking 200$ per kid, so 400$ in all. (Not at each sale.) Harrison may need less since he's a baby, but I'm not sure because last season my MIL got Emma her fall clothes and then I bought some consigned stuff. Thoughts and advice please!
  • Sorry I have been a slack ass commenter. I have been reading from my phone since I've been on the road so much. I will work on it!
What have you all been up to?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm still here...

Tons of traveling has been going on, lots of happenings! I promise to update you all soon. Thanks for sticking around. We've had a CRAZY busy past two weeks and I will get to the updates asap. I'm out of town caring for my mom-she broke her leg on Thursday, so not much time for blogging right now.

Love ya and miss you all!

Decade of thankfulness

It's been a decade since one of our nation's worst terrorist attacks. It's been a decade that I am thankful for our nation's security. It's been a decade that I am still scared of something equally as horrifying happening again.

Where were you? What were you doing?

I was a graduate student at Auburn University. My mom called me that morning-early-for me-and had me convinced that the world was ending. "Are you okay? Turn on the TV, now!!"

I stumbled out of bed, turned on the news, and started bawling/freaking out. I called my then college boyfriend (HUGE doucher) to come over so we could wig together. I wanted to drive home to Birmingham so bad, but I was terrified of leaving and having something else happen while I was in route.

Obviously, all classes were cancelled indefinitely, and everything was closed. We wandered around campus just talking and later picked up a university newspaper with the horrific images of the towers on front.

I still have that newspaper, tucked away in my keepsake box. It still makes me cry to see it. This is our generation's Pearl Harbor. I hope this is our last truly devastating event, but I know better.

I hope you remember to be thankful for everything, especially today. I know I should work on being thankful, and I'm grateful that I have that chance.