Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holy balls, y'all!

We have had three AMAZING gluten free (I promise to explain my GF jump soon!) dinners lately, and I just had to share them! All are from other people, and I'll give them credit! You will want to try these if you like ANY of the ingredients!

 Up first, a chicken salad. But not just any chicken salad, oh no! My sissy had to dress it up a lot. Not sure where she got it, or if she made it up, but here it is.

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or a package of boneless, skinless chicken tenderloins (the "fingers")
1 bag mixed baby greens
Cherry or grape tomatoes
Walnuts (or any nuts-pine, pecans, sunflower seeds)
 Red onion diced
Crumbled Gorgonzola or goat cheese
Vinaigrette of choice (I make my own)

My vinaigrette is just EVOO, red wine vinegar, coarse ground mustard, salt, pepper. Just like making any other oil/vinegar dressing. It's not original, it's just how I make mine.

 Cook your chicken (spice it up!) and slice into bite size strips or pieces Layer your mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, chicken, walnuts, and cheese. Add your vinaigrette. Stuff your face and feel healthy!

 Next, a delicious stuffed cabbage casserole, from my sister, via Skinnytaste

(Picture from Skinnytaste)

 1 1/2 heads cabbage
1 lb lean ground beef
1 bag cooked brown rice
1 can (14.5 oz) petite diced tomatoes
1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce
 1 T Garlic minced
1/2 tsp thyme, 1 tsp paprika
1/4 C water
1 large onion, diced
 2 C shredded mozzarella
 Salt, pepper, cayenne

 Preheat oven to 350*. Brown your ground beef. Set aside. Add onion and cook until translucent. Add garlic, salt, pepper, cayenne. Add both cans of tomatoes, with juices. Add thyme, paprika, and water. Cook over low heat until thickened, about 5-7 minutes. Add cooked brown rice. Stir gently to combine. Coarsely chop your cabbage and cook with about 1/2 C water in large pot until it wilts down. Spray 9x13 dish with cooking spray. Layer 1/2 cabbage, 1/2 meat sauce, repeat with remaining cabbage and meat sauce. cover tightly with foil and bake for 40 minutes. Take off foil, top with cheese, and bake uncovered for 20 minutes.

*For a more detailed, step by step (with pictures) recipe, visit the Skinnytaste link.

 Finally, from Kate, via Smitten Kitchen and Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Healthful Cooking, a pasta with asparagus, lemon, and goat cheese.

I changed my recipe up a tad from Kate and Smitten Kitchen.

8 oz brown rice/quinoa gluten free pasta (DeBoles)-I used penne, but Kate used corkscrew. I couldn't find GF corkscrew. You need a bite size noodle though.
1 bunch thin asparagus
1/2 pint grape tomatoes
4 oz log goat cheese (not crumbled)
1/2 Lb thinly sliced Angus sirloin steak
olive oil
1/2 tsp dried tarragon, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes
2 lemons, zested and juiced

Roast asparagus and tomatoes (with EVOO and kosher salt) on 450* for about 6 minutes. Meanwhile, bring pasta water to a boil. Cook thinly sliced sirloin steak in a grill pan with some cooking spray/EVOO. Cook to medium. (This doesn't take long at all, maybe 4 minutes.) Set aside on plate. Boil noodles. After noodles are finished, drain and leave in colander. Add lemon zest, lemon juice, cut up goat cheese, tarragon, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to empty pot. Add warm pasta, asparagus, tomatoes, and steak. Stir gently until combined and deliciously melty. Make out with your dinner.

Seriously, these are all so amazing, and this is yet ANOTHER reason why I love blogging. New recipes!!!


  1. OMG that pasta looks soooo good! Too bad my hubs HATES goat cheese :( you will have to make it for me :) And I just noticed I LOVE that pic of Emma top left in your header.

  2. YUM I cannot wait to try the pasta again with steak!

    And! @TheMacons - my husband usually hates goat cheese too but he picked this recipe (w/o reading it first, methinks) and didn't even comment - the lemon really mellows that "goat cheesy tang" out!

  3. These all look so good! Especially that stuffed cabbage casserole. Yum!!


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