Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Messy Mom Monday on a Tuesday

I saw Brittany and Jess's new feature yesterday and absolutely loved the idea and the REALITY of all of our busy, messy lives being broadcast. Cause I'm gonna be honest-I am OFTEN in this category.

I try to have it all together, but like one person said, there is always a trade off. I rarely shower (I think I've covered this a time or two billion.) I rarely put on makeup. My house always has at least 3040 messes going on, and this stresses me to no end. My kids don't get dressed unless we have to leave the house. Which is not every day. It never ends.

But. BUT. We play a lot during the day. We make messes from the constant feeding of two kids and one high maintenance GF mama. I clean up during nap time. If I feel like it. I clean up after they are in bed and we've had dinner. If I feel like it.

Some of these pictures I'm about to post (this KILLS my OCD type A personality, by the way) are from all day yesterday and last night.

Yesterday was awful. The kids woke up foul, the day went south right quick. I needed to menu plan and shop, J was taking the kids to do an errand with him so I could do that, and when I got home at 3:30 from shopping, all hell was breaking loose. No one was asleep, everyone was crying, groceries were sitting in the car, Harrison ate almost 16 OUNCES of milk, etc. I finally got my groceries put away at 4:30, got Harrison asleep, then he woke up at 5:00 (yeah, a 30 minute nap) and poor J was passed out from trying to wrangle them at Lowe's and then get them down for naps. Emma had two EPIC tantrums-to the point of almost throwing up she was crying and screaming so bad. All over ridiculous stuff. So,  yeah. This post? Not happening on that crazy ass day.

So, let's commence, shall we?

These were all taken around 10 am this morning. I'm still in PJ's and going on day 2 of no shower. I still haven't brushed my teeth. I was working on a diet coke, looked around, laughed, and decided to take pictures to blog this disaster.

Sink with dishes in it from LAST NIGHT. Ga-ross. This pains me. But, I couldn't deal last night. I went to bed at 9:30. And when I got up, I was cursing this nastiness. PS, gluten free, homemade pizza dough left in a mixing bowl overnight? Not easy to get off.

My kitchen table. Hmm, I see a highchair tray, Emma's breakfast dishes, a diaper bag, 
and more junk in the background.

The island. Not bad, but I see Lysol wipes (my ever present BFF), another high chair tray, 
Emma's booster seat (all in need of wiping down), iPad, bills, notebook, more junk.
Oh, and let's not forget a pee diaper with a cloth insert sitting there waiting to be rinsed out.

To the right of the sink we have dirty bibs, snacks, and an empty coffee cup that won't fit in the full ass sink.

The desk area in the kitchen-mom agenda, blood pressure machine, bills, singing books (death!)

The family room-my lair is on the end with the ottoman and computer. I see a 
diaper caddy, blankets, pillows, and an exersaucer in the middle of the room.

 Yikes-toy explosion to say the least. And Emma's beloved "Lion Movie" aka 
The Lion King playing. She likes to copy what they do in the beginning and it's hilarious.
We have a cube box full of baby toys (rattles, soft toys, teethers, etc) for Harrison that normally lives in the playroom, but Emma likes to bring it in here, dump it out, and let him have every toy in the box.

Harrison is trying to get to that green ball to practice his golf.

Emma is checking her carebear's heart beat. And now the stethoscope is stuck and won't stop beating.

 Holy crap the playroom. Awful pic, sorry. But I have to use my phone to get it done quickly! Notice the old sheet on the floor because Flash has a UTI and is having some.......leakage issues. So, he's been relegated to this room. Disgusting. Table moved so he couldn't jump up on the bed, chairs were in front of the bed too, then Emma decided she needed to get up there and frolic around in the sheets. Toy explosion in here too.

And the little convict with a Beatles rat nest hair do, still in jammies. 
Still playing with the busted stethoscope. 
She keeps asking me what that noise is, and when I tell her it's the
stethoscope and it's broken, she goes to hide it somewhere. Ha!

So, that's my messy life right now. I loved looking at your link ups!
 Who else has this messy disaster going on?


  1. It ain't that bad hon. I feel ya though. I was you this point exactly last year. I remember the anxiety and guilt over not caring what I or my house looked like. The kids were healthy and happy, my biggest goal was met.... They were alive. :). It gets better, seriously. Btw. I miss ya.

  2. Aww, well at least I know I'm not alone. It looks very similar in my household. Even that lovely left over pee diaper thing. After baths I often forget to take care of them.

    My son is also named Harrison! So special to find another one in the blogosphere.

  3. Your house looks like HOME! Looks like mine....and like so many other Mums!

    This is a great link up! :)


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