Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So sorry I've been out of the blogosphere for over a week! We've been busy with cleaning, LAUNDRY, playing, cooking, playing, tea parties, and visits from FeFe and Poppy!

So, randomosity it is!

*I'm participating in a HUGE spring consignment sale in Birmingham in March. I have about 5 GIANT garbage bags full of stuff to sell. The process is not simple, oh no. You have to print out their price tags on cardstock, label the item extensively (ie pink onesie with a flower on it, size 12 months), safety pin it to said item, hang it on a wire coathanger, and then tape a piece of masking tape in the item with your number on it. For the love. This is a full time job. And I haven't even started. I need daycare asap.

*The gluten free diet is going well. I just ordered Elizabeth Hasselbeck's new book and can't wait to get it. I'm running out of recipes that aren't vegan/dairy free.

*I want to take Mrs. Myers lemon verbena countertop scrub to bed.

*Emma is a teenager. Apparently. She talks to me like she's 13. "Fine, mom." No lie.

*For the love of my grocery budget, it's so expensive to eat organic and gluten free. However, I'm willing to cut some stuff out to make it happen. The more I do this, the more convinced I am that Emma needs to go gf.

*We had SO MUCH FUN with FeFe and Poppy this weekend! They totally spoiled us and let Jason and I have a date night last night! Thank you so much! Please come back soon!

*My kids outgrow clothes at an alarmingly fast rate. Hence, the need for shopping consignment. Harrison is in 12 months. He's 7 months. Word up. Emma is pretty true to size, but she's tall so she needs some 3T pants.

*I finally got a pedicure/manicure (thanks to J!), my first since Thanksgiving. Oh my word. The lady was scared. I've been wearin faux uggs since Christmas. My feet were stained. It was awful.

*We have a play date at the Fernbank Museum on Friday with Emily!

*I missed my bestie LG this weekend, but she had to go back home and not come my way. FTR, Harry missed his new clothes.

*We are having Gina's amazzzzzing  chili tonight and it is indeed, amazing.

What's new with you all lately?


  1. You'll have to share what you think about Elizabeth Hasslebeck's book. I'm curious about it.

  2. Cost is the main reason I fight the organic food. We just can't afford it. We do try and grow our own veggies so I guess that might count as organic?

  3. WTF consignment sale? If they want it that detailed, they should hire people who can do that stuff for you, because who has time to do that? People getting paid, not busy people. Amen.

    I've been working on eliminating everything with "natural flavors" in it, because word has it that's label speak for soy-based product! That is rough because every-damn-thing has natural flavors in it - even my canned tomatoes?! Which means I buy organic tomatoes, which is absolute ridiculousness because I don't believe most things need to be organic - but who knows now!


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