Monday, January 16, 2012

Miscellany Monday

I can't remember who made up Miscellany Monday, but for some reason I think it was Laura at Between the Lines. Anyway, I need to make a miscellaneous list of what we've been up to lately.

Yesterday we moved the big girl into her big girl bed. Her crib converted into a double.bed. We went to Target to price out the safety rails and the Shabby Chic bedding that I was coveting. I've been resisting this for too long, and J finally said, "Let's just do it!" OK, sob. My baby is out of a crib. She does LOVE the big girl bed and slept all night, save for the one time she woke up and couldn't find her binky in the bigness. :) She also slept until 8:00!

Look at my sweet monkey taking up 1/4 of the bed!

Harrison is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner. As in, his eyes light up and he tries to book it over to the vacuum to play with it. He is definitely my son!

We've had a lot of beauty shop going on thanks to my cousin Mel. She got Emma an FAO wooden beauty parlor kit. Complete with hairdryer, comb, powder, lipsticks, nailpolishes, perfume and a mirror. So far, Harrison and Flash have been her willing subjects. She made him up for at least 20 minutes. Love this face! He looks tortured. But he really likes it. :)

Here is Harrison modeling one of his Christmas gift outfits. A flannel plaid onesie. My little lumberjack!

And since mommy sucks, and didn't do a 6 or 7 month post or pictures for buddy, here is the abbreviated version. He's been super sick since we returned from Birmingham (ear infection, HORRIBLE cough and cold), and I know he weighs almost 20 pounds. He weighed 19.8 last week. Dude is huge. He is in 9 month clothes and a size 3, sometimes 4 diaper. He is sleeping unswaddled and without a positioner. He wakes up more often (:like 1-2 times per night) and a little bit earlier, but I guess he's just getting used to his sleeping freedom.

He is sitting up all the time, rolling over everywhere, and also moving himself all over. Trying to crawl, but not doing it. Just flailing about like he can't swim. And boyfriend's hair is OOC. It's duck like at the top, long on the sides. Might have to cut it soon. :( I think some teeth are trying to come through because he is a drool factory and still jamming everything in his mouth  non stop!

Food wise, boy still loves to eat! He's eating 7 ounces every three hours, plus three meals a day! And some puffs in between, still working on picking them up and them actually making it to his mouth. He can put a mum mum cracker down in about 3.5 seconds though. We started a sippy cup a few weeks ago and he LOVES it. Playing with it, trying to get water out, and chewing on it.

Here's a shot of the big girl modeling her new hoodie from FeFe. Thanks, FeFe!

And modeling an outfit from Nonnie. While crawling through the tunnel Aunt Sister gave her. Thanks, y'all!

Brownie making fiesta! First time really helping me cook. 
She got to pour the ingredients in and stir. Ha!
And, her favorite part is licking the spoon after we're done!

Playing dress up in all of Scarlet's tutus! Everyone loved her dress up station, even Harrison.

Biggun sitting in his highchair and grubbing on some whole milk vanilla yogurt. I had a baby food makin fiesta the other day and made pears, peaches, and butternut squash/apple. I broke out the peaches thinking he would love them and he gagged on all three bites. Nice. I made 8 baby food cubes full. So, I've been mixing them in with his morning yogurt, and he likes it. He tried the butternut squash/apple combo last night and TORE IT UP. So, I guess he just wasn't ready for the peaches yet. We'll try them again later.

Other than that, I've just been trying to keep sane with all of the sickness, crying, mess and general malaise going on in our house.

The house goes through periods of cleanliness and extreme disaster zoneage. I'll clean something thoroughly and the next hour it is disastrous. Whatever.

However, a clean, organized home keeps me sane, so I make an effort to keep it that way.

J and I have also been playing LOTS of old school Nintendo on our Wii. Best invention ever. We are cracking up at how we can't beat worlds that we tore up when we were 12.

Finally, I'm making my gluten free menu for the week and going to Whole Foods later today (hopefully alone!) so I can shop it up. I swear, I'm still working on my GF post, it's coming. (I know you're all enthralled.) ha!

If you have any GF blogs or peeps on twitter for me to follow, please share. I have a few people who have been hooking me up on the GF train. Thanks, girls! {Laura, Amy, Gina, Molly, and some twitter peeps.)

Thank you!


  1. Get your booty on Pinterest and you'll find a boatload of GF recipes (and hence blogs and peops). If you need an invite...holla.

  2. A. I think it is hilarious and so cute that you and J play video games together!!
    B. I can not WAIT To get my hands on harry-bear. He is so GROWN and he has tons of hair and is absolutely adorables!
    C. Those pics of her putting make up on him ROCK. save those forevers


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