Saturday, January 21, 2012

Skin care and makeup

I love reading about and learning about all of the fun skincare and makeup items you all use, so while I was getting ready this morning (gasp! a shower, and makeup!) I thought I would do a post of what I used. Maybe some of you will do one too!

For skincare, I am super plain and never change it up ever. I'm old enough {33!} to be using more, and I know Shasta Anne would kill me if she saw this facial routine, but I'm lazy and don't spend a lot of money or time on my face. It's lucky to get washed every night, honestly.

I always wash with this. I have a mild form of rosacea on my face and this seems to help.
 I use the cream version in the shower. It has little exfoliating beads in it too.

Been using the Clinique skin care line since I was about 14, and I can't deviate from the 
clarifying toner or moisturizer. They feel too good!

For makeup, I'm a pretty simple girl. I've added a primer and a finishing mist to my routine in the last few years, and I've changed up my foundation until I found the greatest, smoothest, natural foundation ever! Also, I JUST started wearing eyeliner, and I don't do eyeshadow like EVER. I know how to do a few things , but I want to look super natural and I just don't like doing eyeshadow. So, what's in my makeup drawer?

Love some primer to make that face stay put!
Just switched to this from the Sephora primer brand.

The best foundation everrrrrrrrrrr. I put a dime size amount on my finger, 
then dab it all around, then rub it in gently with my fingers.

Been on the Bare Minerals train since my friend Nicole got married and LG did my makeup. It is now my powder that goes on top of my foundation to smooth out and cover up.

Gotta get my bronze on with some warmth from Bare Minerals. 
Just a light dusting makes me look human.

Probably the most used color by Nars, Orgasm.
 It looks good on pretty much everyone.

My newest obsession is this awesome Tarte Amazon clay cream eyeliner. It's super easy to use (see that cool double sided brush below? It comes with the eyeliner!) It is waterproof and it looks really good on. Not hard to make a nice straight line, especially for someone like me who just started wearing eyeliner.

One of my three mascaras. Yes, I know I have a problem.
I have good eyelashes, so this is what I play up the most.
I use Maybelline Falsies. I've been using it since it came out,
and I probably will keep using it unless they make something better.
Maybelline knows their mascara!

Recently I got this Urban Decay curling mascara at Sephora. 
I love it too! It goes on top of the Falsies.

And the red headed stepchild is the  Cover Girl professional mascara. I use it for a "base" sometimes
and use it for lower lashes other times. She doesn't get used a lot.
Not a great picture at all, but this is what gives me the brows. Since I waxed my brows into oblivion in college, they won't grow back in on the ends, so I have to spruce them up with this Maybelline brow stick. It's awesome.

And finally, I am addicted to finishing spray. I love the way
it makes your face feel, it's like it complete the look. This is a
new product for me. I used the Caudalie spray forever, then
switched to Makeup Forever spray, now I'm on 'Dew Me' by
Urban Decay. It gives you a nice, dewy look.

For lips, I really only ever use this. I'm not a lipstick person at all.

My brush collection!

My makeup drawer-for some reason I can't rotate it....annoying.

So, what's in your makeup drawer or bag? I'd love to see. Let me know if you do a post like this!


  1. Thanks for your valuable information about beauty tips. i like this.

  2. I was given some Korres bath products for Christmas and I am in love. I need to check out their make up. I was on the BE train for a long time, but I've stopped using their products. I'm a big Smashbox & Tarte fan. My makeup routine is pretty minimal, too. I'm also currently trying to switch from philosophy to something better for me. I'm kind of sad considering I've used philosophy products for YEARS.

  3. The Smashbox primer is the have been out of it for awhile. Thanks for the reminder! :) I heart the clinique moisturizer also...classic. I just started using their dark spot corrector. I'm 3 weeks in and I'll let you know my review. I am obsessed with the following: YSL foundation and mascara (which comes in blue and purple, fun!), Bobbi Brown bronzer and face tonic and my indulge purchase every year is...Natura Bisse Diamond Ice-Lift DNA Cryo-Mask. It will make you look 5 years younger in 20 minutes. No lie.

  4. Quesh about the primer, does your makeup slide around on top of it? I feel like whenever I wear primer, my face looks super-greasy and/or the makeup doesn't stay. Maybe I'm using too much, too little, or not waiting long enough for it to "set" on my face, but I have no idea WTF I am doing.

    Another quesh, could we totally do makeovers on one another during convench? I am srsly contemplating letting @samKBT cut and dye my hair for shits and giggles. Even tho I haven't asked her yet. Nor do I know if she knows what she's doing. But yeah, after a few beers what will it matter?

  5. No "after" shot? I wanna see. Also, I used to use Clinique's yellow moisturizer for YEARS. I don't use moisturizer anymore but thinking about the awesomeness of that stuff makes me kinda want to.

  6. Thanks for the blog. Love the idea. I am in need of new foundation. Where did you get the Korres foundation? Is it expensive?

  7. I have used the same lipstick since 7th grade... black honey by clinique. And I think, how can that be? I don't do anything else that I did in 7th grade. But it is still the best. You should try it, bc it is not really like lipstick, but better.


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