Sunday, August 16, 2009

For the Love!

I am about to LOSE IT on some insurance peeps-srsly! I need a freakin' assistant to handle all of the BS insurance things I have to go through. Last night, Husby got the mail, and there were 3 letters in it-all from the HOSPITAL-
1. One for me for $14,000 for my business
2. One for Baby E for $2,500 for her business
3. One for $500 for my gestational diabetes class that was PRE APPROVED.

And 2 letters from INSURANCE-
1. We need your baby's social security number-HELLO, she is 12 days old-I don't have it yet!
2. Something else I can't remember, but I'm sure it was BS.

Now, the diabetic BILL is the kicker! The other ones will resolve themselves via insurance (but I sure as H don't like getting "billed" for them-it just stresses a woman out!) The diabetic class is about to put me in an early grave! Before going, I called insurance to make sure it was covered-it was. I go to the class, and then about a month later get a bill from the hospital. I call them, and they tell me they have submitted it and it is not being paid for. WTF?

I call my OB and talk to the billing lady (we're practically BFF's) and she's all like, "WTF?" I call insurance, and they say it is coded as something like a nutrition class, which is NOT covered. Oh for the love people, it is a nutrition class on GESTATIONAL DIABETES-it is always covered!
Now they are really pissed because I still haven't paid it-I am going to have to get on the phone tomorrow and deal with this, while keeping Baby E happy. All while extremely emotional, and trying not to cry to people who DON'T care!

Rah to the rah! Does anyone else have these types of problems? I really want to hire someone to deal with this shizzle for me, because I am about at my flippin' wit's end!
Thanks for listening to the rant!


  1. I would be glad to come take care of Miss E while you deal with the shizzle. How's that?

  2. Just think... If you were an illegal then it would have all been free!! And you would get free rent... And food..... Its good to be American! heheheeh

    Hey little Emma

  3. This sounds like a job for mean auntie laura. You have helped me organize SO many times. Do i need to come down there and strangle some peeps on your behald? I WILL! Do not mess w/ my baby momma!! ha

  4. Hey...the same sort of thing happened with the insurance with my little Matthew!!! The insurance company never got his Social Security number and cut him off. He was having all sorts of problems in the beginning with reflux and a birth mark on his nose that he needed to see a dermatologist for. To make a long story short...I put my hubby on the task of taking care of it...just breath and everything will straighten itself out!!!

  5. Insurance is always such a pain, but it's a necessary evil also. Good luck getting everything strait!


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