Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcome Visitors!

According to my live traffic feed, I am getting lots of traffic from all around the United States. Let me introduce myself and welcome you to my blog! I'm glad you're here and I hope you will stick around and follow me through my adventures in mommyhood!

I am Susannah, mom to Baby E, wife to hubs. We live in ATL, Georgia and have for almost six years. I started this blog at the end of my pregnancy to journal and chronicle my life and the new life of my baby.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama with my kick a** parents and awesome sister. I was raised orange and blue, and went to Auburn University in the summer of 1997. I graduated with a bachelor's in elementary education in 2001 and a master's in 2002. (I hope bachelor's and master's need apostrophes, because I am too lazy to google it-and I am a MAJAH grammar whore). I started teaching and have been doing it ever since. I met husby at Auburn in 2002 and we began dating, promptly fell in love, and married in 2004.

We have been married ever since, and we just welcomed our first piglet, Baby E. She's been a long time in the making. We started trying to get pregnant after one year together, and had some hard times. It took almost a year for me to get pregnant the first time, then I had a miscarriage. The second pregnancy was almost a year later, and that too ended in a late miscarriage. I was in a dark place with my faith and myself after that-it took me awhile to get over it and try again. I got pregnant in November of 2008 and was scared every second of every day for about 4 months that something would happen. Finally, Miss Emma was born and I could breathe a sigh of relief-ha! Now I just worry about HER and check her breathing every 5 minutes. I LOVED being pregnant and want to be pregnant again when Emma is about 6 months old. Yes, husby and I have discussed this, and NO I am not crazy. And do not leave me a comment telling me why this is a bad idea-I am 30 and want FOUR kids, so I've got to get busy. Hopefully, God will bless me with many more children!

So, I hope you know a little more about me and my family now, and I hope you will stick around. Who knows, maybe we can become friends! PS-see my earlier post about "friends" that you make in the blog world! :D

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