Sunday, August 2, 2009


This pregnancy has been full of numbers. I thought I would share some with you.

40-how many weeks I am today!
264-the number of times I have had to take my blood since finding out I am gestational diabetes
66-the number of times I have had to pee on a "ketostix" to check my ketones since finding out I am gestational diabetes
280-the number of days I have thanked God for this baby!
200-bowls of ice cream I have eaten during pregnancy
17-the jars of peanut butter I have eaten during pregnancy
49-the number of emotional breakdowns I have had during pregnancy
5-the minimum number of times I get up in the night to pee
138-the number of times I have checked iPregnancy on my apps
195-the number of naps I have taken during pregnancy
77-the number of times she has woken me up for food
8-the number of times I have "thought" I was in labor
37-the number of pounds I have gained during pregnancy
<48-the number of hours left until we meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have our final appointment tomorrow morning at 9:15, and then we will either A)go to the hospital for induction, or B) find out I am progressing normally and let me go (ha!).

Now, since this is a product of me and hubs, we know she will be A)stubborn, and B)late. So don't hold your breath on labor today/tonight. I'm not!

Thank you all for your support and love throughout this pregnancy! It means a lot to us, and we are ready to share our little angelina with you!


  1. awe that was cute! I am so excited to meet her!

  2. Those are a lot of fun numbers! Keep it up! Good luck! Have fun! ;-)

  3. this was fun to read and it's always nice to see a fellow Auburn fan, Alabamian, misplaced in GA :) ha!
    Congrats on yoru sweet baby girl :) I can't wait to see pics :) And i might have a thousand questions for you :)


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