Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beauty Issues

I know, I'm at work, why am I blogging? It's specials time and I am pumping while my kids are in Spanish. I am such a multi tasker. Pumping while I type, I have skillz! Anyway, I am having some beauty issues, and once again need your help and advice!

By the way, thank you for the comments on the devotional readings, and keep them coming. I have a few books to check out at my local Christian bookstore so far!

And, way to go b.e.g. for correctly identifying the Sunday Saying-it was indeed from Talladega Nights-the ballad of Ricky Bobby.

So, recently I have come upon two nasty and disturbing beauty issues (not TMI, I swear!) One is my skin is practically flaking off it is SOOOOO dry! One of my colleagues actually said yesterday, "What is wrong with your leg?" It is sick I tell ya-she recommended Eucerin lotion and I got some yesterday. It seems to be helping, but what else can I do or try? I also bought some Neutrogena Rainbath-it's like shower gel oil, and it felt nice and seemed to help a bit. But I am guilty of a 12-15 minute super hot shower, and I know that is awful for drying out the skin. So, any advice?

Next up we have my hair. It's falling out in huge amounts. Is this normal post baby balding or what? It's A LOT of hair. It's starting to freak me out. And I think it looks thinner at the front. What can I do or use to combat this? When will it stop, for the love of a duck, tell me it will stop. I can't handle baldness now (or ever!)

Can you help a sister out here? Leave me some info please ladies!
Now, back to work-grading for the new quarter, plans, etc.


  1. Girlfriend, put on lotion the minute you get out of the shower. I am an ashy white beast without my lotion. I use Jergens in the original Cherry Almond scent, I dry off in the shower, run to my closet, close the door and curse how cold the damn room is, and put that lotion on. It helps immensely. The Eucerin is also an awesome idea, I used that as a kid because I was even flakier than I am now. If you have dry heels or elbows, try using Bag Balm, the shit they use on cow udders, it's made in VT but I think you can get it at WalMart because that's where I get mine! I get a nasty dry patch on my side where my bag rubs against my pants waistband and put bag balm on that. Helps a mil.

    For your hair, I have no idea, but go to the doctors and get a checkup? They also might be able to give you super-powered lotion if your OTC stuff doesn't work.


  2. My hair fell out in droves starting at about 4 months after MA was born! Then I started growing all of these weird baby hairs to replace them. It lasted for a few months (sorry) but my hairdresser told me it was completely normal, a hormonal thing. I do not know if there is anything you can use to stop it though.

  3. Um...my hair has JUST stopped coming out in massive handfuls. I am practically bald on the sides of my head and it looks like I cut bangs WAAAAY too short in the front...it's just the new hair growing back...needless to say, my hair fell out tons more than it ever did with my other two pregnancies this time...maybe baby is the cause?

  4. b.e.g. is right. You need to immediately put on lotion. I would try to shorten the amount of time that you're showering & lower the temperature. You're sucking the moisture out like a sucker fish!

    Here are some of the lotions I'd recommend:
    Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizer and perhaps the Aveeno Intense Relief Overnight Cream
    Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion
    Jergens Shea Butter Moisturizer
    Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion
    Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion
    Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion

    Phew! Lots of recs there, but sorry, no idea about your hair.

  5. #1 you need to increase your intake of water... big time... this is the number one thing you can do to prevent dry skin. Gotta work from the inside out. The drop in humidity sucks moisture from you and you need to replace it.

    The hair loss is completely normal and I am still losing mine 20 months later.. There is nothing to be done.. but don't stress over it. Stress only makes it worse. It will grow back. Just make sure you are taking your vitamins.

  6. I am so jealous at how you get 1 bajillion comments all the time! ha
    I am the QUEEN OF SKIN ISSUES. I right now have scans from itching too much at dry skin. YOu can take some vitamins ( fish oil vitamin e) use less hot water, short showers, oil EVERYtime you are in shower. pat dry, now wipe with towel. then use quality moisturizer like body butter from boots or The Body shop. I bought the Eucerine non itching lotion today but their bath oil and other lotions have done nothing for me.

  7. Just to let you know, the stress of birthing, babies, toddlers, adolecents, teenagers, grown-up daughters, etc., NEVER goes away!! Linzy is still losing hers 20 months later - I am still losing mine 30 3/4 years later (soon to be 31 years)!!! Love you anyway though!

  8. Let us know what helps you with the dry skin! Mine is ridiculous due to this arctic weather!

  9. oh susannah,
    lotion - kiehls. you can order their lotion, or next time you are in atlanta, go to the kiehls store in lenox mall and go into the store and if you tell they your exact problem, they will give you the exact lotion for you. this is no joke. it's a bit of a financial commitment, but it never fails...trust me. also, as far as the hair is concerned, most women lose hair from the time that they have their baby until the time that they quit breastfeeding. do not worry about it unless you or your hairdresser notice certain spots of heavy thinning, and even then, rogaine works beautifully. i have a few female clients on it, but honestly think you have nothing to worry about! me luv ya cuz! det


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