Friday, January 22, 2010

Weight Watchers Friday and Birthday Shenanigans

Hey guys! Yes, I know it's Friday (morning at 5:52, yuck) but I am getting ready for work and decided for the love just write the blog post instead of composing it in your head. I hardly have time to write during the week anymore-I have been so tired lately. I used to be up till 11, now it's about 9, so it's hard to blog during the week, but I'm trying!

Anyway, WWW was boo-I gained 1.2 pounds. That is the most I've ever gained! But, it's not surprising. When I was sick last week, I ate almost an entire cheese pizza, Fritos, onion dip, and had BBQ on Saturday. Please-I'm lucky I didn't gain 23 pounds. Plus I only exercised once! I'm still bitter though.

So for my 31st birthday, we went to Kani House-the Japanese steak and sushi bar around here. I got steak and shrimp hibachi-with the special sauce on the side. It's like crack. Then on Thursday morning, I started all over again, tracking and coming in 1 point under. Plus I have worked out Monday and Wednesday and plan to go at least Saturday if not Sunday too. I have a plan. And that is the good thing about WW is that you can start over every weigh in day! I am soooo close to my 10% goal-I just want to reach it now!

Now, as for the 31st birthday (yikes, that sounds old!) shenanigans-we went out to eat and then came home and I opened presents. I save all the presents that are mailed to me for the actual birthday. My family sent me two devotional books and a super cute pair of Yellow Box shoes! Thanks mommy! The in laws sent me a NYC giftcard (new clothes!) and a super cute Vera Bradley laptop travel case. Thanks second family! My sissy sent me some beautiful gerbera daisies. Thanks sister! My hubby and daughter got me a new, programmable crock pot that won't burn the house down! I can't wait to use it at least 3 times next week. Sidenote-it was sooo stinkin awesome to come home on Monday after all my errands and have slow cooker chili ready and smelling rad! Hubby also got me my heart's desire-home bleaching trays from the dentist! I have wanted these for so long. Since I have been smoke free for one year, I got them! I wore them for the first time last night, and so far so good. I need to take a before and after picture. I shall try to remember and do that tonight. It should take about two weeks for the total whitening effect.

Overall, I've had a very busy and fun week! I hope to run some errands and go to the gym tomorrow morning, then settle in and find some great crock pot recipes for next week. What are you all doing this weekend?



  1. You also got the "trash" magazine that you love so much!! Don't worry about the slight gain (and I mean very slight!!) - you will get it right back off! Love you tons!

  2. OOh those bleaching trays are awesome, I got them a couple years ago for my birthday. I need to start using them, haven't since the wedding, because they are awe-some. Just a word of advice, if you are overzealous like I am, don't wear them everyday for weeks on end. They actually strip away some of your enamel and then drinking and eating hot/cold hurts like a mother. End unsolicited advice!

    Miss you too!

  3. Sounds like a great Birthday! I love some crock-pot cooking! Happy Weekend!

  4. Happy, happy BIRTHDAY!!!

    And way to go no one year of being smoke free! That is AWESOME!!!

    You're making me want a crock pot...mine died a little over a year ago.


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