Friday, January 22, 2010

An Award...and The Thirty Day Shred......

Well, my sweet angel friend Britt over at Living in the Moment gifted me with this awesome award! Thanks, Britt! I don't know how deserving I actually am of this award right now, due to my pitiful blogging funk, but I'll try to honor it. I do believe a lot of the blogging world is going through said funk right now, so I take strength in the fact that I am not alone. But look! Two posts in one day! Right on, right on. :D

I give this blog award to the following ladies and one gentlemen friend:

Cas @ Cas' Crazy Thoughts

Laura @ IGriza

Mrs. Potts @ Experiments in a Galley Kitchen

Brown Eyed Girl

Sarah @ Life of Blights

J @ Wanting What I Have

Landlocked Mermaid (private)

Amy @ Ha Ha. Wait, What?

For the Love

That is all for now-you all rock my world, but I am too lazy to link up to 15 blogs. Forgive please.

Next order of business. I am thinking about trying Miss Michaels' infamous 30 Day Shred. Husband has said he will participate with me. Here are my main reasons for wanting to try it:

1. Monica @ Confessions of a + Sized Girl is doing it and is still alive. 2. It is only 30 days. 3. It only takes 28 minutes per day. 4. I need to shred some weight off. 5. I can do it at home and cannot use the excuse of not enough time to go to the gym. (I will still be visiting the gym on Monday and Wednesday to do my cardio-treadmill time.)

I want/need to know the following: 1. Have any of you done this? 2. What did you think? 3. Will I still be alive after the first level? 4. Will I lose weight if I really do it?

Please share lovelies.

So glad it's the weekend, even if my to do list looks atrocious! I hope you all have some fun, relaxing things planned for the weekend!


  1. Have you checked out the "30 Day Shred" thing? Is it in bookstores or what? Is it "do-able?"
    Let me know what your research tells you - I need help too!!!

  2. Woo-hooo! I won! :) You're so sweet!

  3. We have the 30 day shred but have not started it yet! Let's do not bring attention to Cas! Ha

  4. I did it...not for 30 days, but I've tried the videos a couple times. I did it before I did P90X (or 2 months of it) back in the spring. It was pretty hard core. I don't know how you couldn't lose weight on that baby. It's 28 minutes with barely any breaks. Granted, I was trying this soon after having Braya and I hadn't worked out in a year, BUT....still tough. I'd do it if I were you. I'm thinking of starting it up again too cuz it's so short and I haven't worked out since July.

  5. You definitely deserve it! You're awesome!

  6. Yeah me! I won an award! Wait, what does this mean? Soon as Melissa starts feeling better we're going to try the 30 day shred. Basketball season starts for me Tuesday so I'm going to use this as my kicking off point to start running. Now I just need to find me a race to set a goal for.

  7. Thank you for the new "blog bling"! Always so exciting!

    I've got the 30 Day Shred & I liked it. I've used it off & on when I travel. I like that it is a shorter workout, but I tended to get a little bored with it & didn't stick to 10 days/same level. I tried to switch it up & that helped.

  8. Just found your blog through The Life Accounts. Like you, I am doing WW and 30 Day Shred. I've only done the Shred a few times... It KILLS me every time and I have to wait a few days to be able to try it again. But I do see a difference between sessions. Who knows if I'll ever make it to level two though?!?

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  9. I also just found your blog...but through The Preppy Baby. I have the 30-day shred and totally bailed. I'm such a wimp. I really need to be more dedicated. How is it going? Are you doing well? P.S. Gorgeous baby girl! Love the photos.


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