Friday, January 8, 2010


It snowed yesterday afternoon and most of last night! We are out of school today because the roads are "treacherous." I took Emma to daycare around 10 and have been washing clothes (4 loads!), vacuuming, and I'm about to go to the gym. We have a shots appointment at 2:30, then I'm having cocktails with a bestie! Can't wait! Look how pretty!

The front/side yard
Our house

The driveway-snowy!

Bart playing in the backyard snow!

The backyard!

Could I have any more sentences that end with exclamations! Yes!


  1. Y'all have such a pretty house! We got about the same amount of snow and only had a 2-hour delay, booo!

    Following suit with the exclamation marks, apparently! !!!


  2. You know, I'm NORTH of you but didn't get any snow. Not that I'm complaining one bit. No ma'am! I'll get enough of that when I'm in New England in about 9 days!

    Very pretty house!!

  3. Cute house, Sus! Our snow was much more disappointing. We were out yesterday but had to come in today at 10. Glad you are able to get a little bit done on your day off!

  4. Your house is great - you must love that huge yard! The snow looks so pretty. We might get snow flurries here tonight - in Orlando! I doubt it will happen but it would be pretty neat to see. Hope you stay warm and enjoy the day off.

  5. Haha this post is making this Colorado girl laugh(not laughing at you just the difference in what is normal)! I am about to run in more snow than that. Sounds like a fun day off!

  6. Haha. I agree with Mrs. Classic. Laughing, but not AT you--it's all relative, right? :-) You know you're a southerner when...........

    Hehe! I love the dog "playing" in the snow. Girl, that's barely a dusting--this is not snow that we have. :-) My first year teaching, we had a "snow" day like this and I drove the whole 1/2 mile to McD's (that's right...I eat there..hehe) and the guy in the window asked me how I was coming out in this weather. I think I probably laughed a little because it was seriously like 1/8 of an inch IF that. The kids asked me the next day if I played in it. I said, "Guys, snow is when it's piled up on the side of the road as tall as a truck or a semi---that's real snow." hehe! Gotta love GEORGIA. I'll actually take this snow ANY day. My pants aren't soaked up to my knees and I like it like that. I will say, the ice here is the killer.

    PS. Martin Luther King Day---girlies date.

  7. You have a beautiful home! Love the snow. It sounds like you have a busy day!

  8. We barely got anything! Cocktails.....I am jealous! Did Miss Emma get to get out in the snow?


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