Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weight Watchers Favorite Foods

I have recently found some new foods that I love to eat on Weight Watchers. I also have my list of old standby foods and I thought I would share them with you. Please tell me some of your favorite WW foods or just some low cal, low fat snacks that you love to eat! We can all use some new ideas.

-Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries
-Baby carrots
-WW or other low point yogurts
-Fat free cottage cheese
-Pineapple chunks
-WW string cheese
-Sugar free jello pudding
-White cheddar rice cakes
-Sara Lee 45 calorie multi grain bread (2 slices for 1 point!)
-Brummel and Brown yogurt spread
-Sugar free Smuckers jelly
-Baked Cheetos
-Jennie O turkey bacon (2 slices for 1 point!)
-Jiffy Pop 100 calorie mini bags
-Apples and bananas
-Hillshire Farms honey ham (6 slices for 1 point!)
-All WW desserts (most are 1 or 2 points)

I pretty much eat this variation every day, plus a WW entree. Then I make a low point dinner and have a glass of wine (2 points!)

On another note, today I went to Target to print out some pictures. I only needed about 15 things on my grocery list, and most of it was produce, so I decided to grocery shop there, which I never do. Now I remember why. Besides the prices, I couldn't find the brand of bread I always buy, they didn't have Jennie O bacon, they didn't have a good selection of bagged salads, and they had no berries! What is up with that? So, I had to go to Publix to get my items. Ugh. Anyways, I hope you will share some foods that you like to eat on WW or another diet. :D

Boo for it almost being the work week too! I have loved this whole long weekend (even though husband has had to work BOTH days).


  1. Great list! I like many of those things too.

    Some other low point favorites are 1pt tortillas, ff refried beans, black beans, the 1 calorie per spray dressings, Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal, Edy's Slow Churned Light No Sugar Added Ice Cream, ground turkey breast, pickles and Arnold's double fiber whole wheat bread. I love the Creamy Chicken Rigatoni & Broccoli Smart Ones dinner - so good.

  2. Love me some white cheddar rice cakes!

  3. Popcorn! There are individual bags that are only 1 point. Yummy and so filling.


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