Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Monday

Alright, back on the bandwagon in full force with Weight Watchers and menu planning! And, off we go-I've got nine days of meals planned out, starting with Saturday night (yes, I know it's Sunday). We will grace your presence with those too, just in case you need some ideas. :D

Saturday-Real Simple's Broccoli and 3 cheese lasagna with salad
Sunday-Rigatoni with grilled vegetables and salad
Monday-Grilled chicken salad with a side of green beans
Tuesday-Leftover potato soup with cheese toast and a side of broccoli
Wednesday-Turkey burgers with baked Lay's and a side of green beans
Thursday-Grilled steak salad with a side of green beans
Friday-Spicy beef and broccoli stir fry with salad (from WW cookbook)
Saturday-Beef Stew with "dinner rolls" (from WW cookbook)
Sunday-Fettuccine with chicken and broccoli (from WW cookbook)

I found six cans of green beans in the pantry. I also buy a huge 4 pound bag of broccoli florets at Walmart for $6, and bagged salad was on sale this week. So, lots of healthy sides this week!

OK, so hubby got me the big ass binder WW cookbook for Christmas and it ROCKS my face off. It's got tons (like 400+) of recipes and the best part is the points are listed for each recipe. Also, with the salads, we are having "rolls" which are sandwich thins. They are very thin pita like rolls that will be good with our salads and stew.

So, do share. What are you all eating this week??


  1. You mean the Arnold sandwich thins? The 100 calorie things?

    I was all about those until the soy thing. Freakin' soy.

    Whereupon, this concludes my jealousy over the possibility of the Edwards enjoying bread I previously enjoyed.

  2. I don't plan out the menus as I probably should, but tonight we're having a spicy green bean, ginger & beef stir fry. Oh my yum!!!


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