Friday, February 12, 2010

Post in Pictures

This is what is going on:

This is my RIDICULOUS stack of papers that I have to grade.
It is 4 inches tall minimum.

These are the flowers my hubby sent me at work. Two dozen roses. Beaut.

It's SNOWING! A lot-we have about a foot right now.

This is the Southern way to cool our beer. :D

"Angelina" Edwards-:D

As husband called this shot, "Spawn of Satan" look-she does look a tad evil.

Mommy and Emma at a friend's birthday party. The wings were the party favor!

Peace! Have a fun snowy time!


    you are looking absolutely fab! so proud! oh, and emma mighty pretty too. she's actually old enough for cousin mewiss to hold her now without being scared that her head might fall off or that i might drop her. bring her here. det. me wuv!

  2. My "to-be-graded" stack pretty much ALWAYS looks like that lately...I just don't look at it anymore. :)

  3. DUDE! YOu have lost some serious weight! Your face is so skinny in that pic! Update yoru facebook picture stat!Great job!
    Good luck with those papers, doesnt look like much fun.
    What is on my Emmabears head?

  4. DANG GIRL! You are looking so good! And Emma is completely gorgeous!

  5. I bet my stack could take on your stack of papers needing grades:) I don't know why, but from now until the end of the year, I can never catch up:)

    And um, you are looking teeny tiny and super hot! You must have lost some serious weight!

  6. Great pictures lovely! I hope you caught up on all your papers!

    And I agree with Brittany - Holy Weight Loss!!

  7. Well since I saw you in person, I will agree..........SUPER WEIGHT LOSS AND YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!

  8. that picture of you and your daughter is gorgeous! you are beautiful and your daughter is the most precious thing ever!

    thanks for commenting on my overwhelmed post. i appreciate your kind words.

  9. Great pics!! I love the "Spawn of Satan" picture. But she is way too cute to look truly evil. :-)

  10. The "Spawn of Satan" pic cracks me up!!! She is so precious! And so fun to get flowers from the husband!

  11. you look beautiful and she is one precious little girl :) those eyes and cheeks... :) so cute!

  12. My hubs is from Minnesota and that's how they chilled their booze too. Your munchkin is so precious!


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