Monday, February 1, 2010

What Up???

Hello sweeties! I am still alive! I did not post a Sunday Saying (it's been a while!) or a Menu Monday (major leftovers after weekend company), but I will post a WWW on Wednesday. Sorry I've been slacking, just give me a few days to get back to my "normal." Emma is turning 6 months on Thursday, so we will have that post to look forward to as well!

I promise, I shall return! Hope your Monday was swell.

PS-I came home to a big ole crockpot of ..................raw chicken and potatoes. Awesome-forgot to turn it on. This was after taking Emma to the doctor for her "cold." Deets later. What a day. I'm out.


  1. Hope Emma is feeling better! So sorry aboutyour raw chicken!! But sorrier you can't eat it since it sat out all day!! Love you!

  2. That was totally a Freudian slip - fear of crock pot burning down the house and forgetting to turn the pot on. Totes a Freudian slip.

    End psychobabble.

    Hope you and Emma are doing well!

    love ya!

  3. Ugh, how annoying to come home expecting dinner and find raw chicken. Total bummer. Hope Emma is feeling better soon!

  4. That stinks about the chicken! I was laughing because Lance did that a few weeks really does suck when you come home anticipating the house smelling like food and your dinner all cooked to find the crock pot not turned on. I feel for you. Hope Emma is feeling better, Davis has been sick this week too.

  5. OH!!!!!! That is awful! I am so sorry. So, so sorry. Ugh.


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