Monday, April 12, 2010

Because you haven't seen enough pictures.....

Emma eating in my old high chair.
Me with an old friend's new baby CMK-she is srsly ADORABLE! As in,I want to eat her with a spoon. So stinkin' cute!

I miss this age-just learning to hold her head up, learning to smile.
So precious!

Sissy got her to smile.

Umm, I may be ready for another one NOW!

And this little one is getting into all kinds of trouble.
Right now, she is busting a tooth through the bottom layer
of gums.

Wow, bad hair day.

I need my binky in the tub too.


  1. Super sweet pictures! I love how big she is getting!

  2. Girl, you look AMAZING! You should be proud. Such a skinny minny!

  3. You are such a skinny minnie, I am jealous of how thin your arms look! You look fabulous!!

    I love seeing Miss Emma, she's becoming a big girl!

  4. Love the pics! I am guilty of not checking in on your blog in a while.... you look fantastic! I am super jealous... I have so much work to do!


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