Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Header!

All you Google Readers...........

Check out my new header!!! LOVE it! Leslie did it for me. I decided to take off the doggles and husband and I for now-we don't have any good pictures of the three of us (that we can all agree on). I will try to update the pics occasionally. Emma will be nine months old next week, so it was time!

If you want to see what Leslie can do for you, click on the Designed by Leslie button on the bottom left of my blog.

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  1. Love it!! Little Emma is sooo cute! Isn't Leslie the greatest?

  2. So cute!! What a great job and what sweet pictures.

  3. So cute..your daughter is precious!

  4. Susannah, I love the new header!! And your middle pic is my screen saver!! ♥ you ♥

  5. Oh Emmaline is a cutie patootie!! Love it!


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