Monday, April 12, 2010

Birmingham Zoo!

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Warning: picture post overload! :D

We went to the Birmingham Zoo on Friday. I loved the Birmingham Zoo as a child, and I couldn't wait to go back as it's been at least 15 years since I was there. My mom was taking a field trip there, so sissy and I decided to meet her there and make a day of it!

Here is Nonnie and Loo at the beginning of the journey.

Presh pygmy goats in the
Children's Petting Zoo.

Nonnie and Emma. Emma is saying, "Excuse me Nonnie, I must see that creature immediately."

Some roosters/chickens-not sure which.

Some adorable little sheep. I wanted to take them home and farm them out in the backyard.

A little pony-not sure if this is a Shetland or what-who knows what the little pony is called? It was so sweet-Loo wanted to ride it around, but to no avail.

An ugly llama with MAJOR buck teeth!
Bless his heart.


My little poser in front of the koi pond. We were waiting on sissy to join us.

Sissy is here!

The turtle pond-there was a tiny little turtle sunning on a log-it was sooo cute!

This pelican was srsly the size of my dog Bart. I never knew they were so huge!

Kangas! I want to adopt one BTW.

More roos!

A nasty alligator covered in moss/mildew junk from his pond.

Flamingos-sissy is convinced that they are dyed. They are really orange (at least they were at the zoo) and not pink like we think. Very cute. There were several that were actually asleep and had one leg tucked up in it's feathery body.

Hilarious sidenote: Sissy was pushing Emma around and I HEARD these two girls exclaim, "OMG, look at that girl! She is pregnant and she has a baby in that there stroller!" Ha! They thought sissy was Emma's mom-they were quite shocked that she was so very preg and pushing a very small baby. :D

Sweet angel monkey type things that were spooning asleep on a ledge!

More cute monkey things-I cannot remember what type they were.

Zebra! Their stripes are really brown-I did not know that until I saw it in person!

Sweet boy chowing down-I need to own a zoo-I love all the animals and want to "save" them.
Hot debate between sissy and I-she thinks all the animals are tranqued. I hope/think not! What do you think? Does the zoo staff shoot the animals up to calm them down and make them lay there and sleep instead of acting natural???

Me and Loo in front of the camel rides. This is a new venture that the zoo has started. Whatev-the camels were cool though.

Preggers posing in the wysteria. Pretty.

Again, preggers posing in the giraffe face.

My bestie LG was heading through town to another locale and decided to stop and see us at the zoo. She and her hubby are Emma's godparents.
"Hello Auntie Laura!"

My Uncle Erik. I love him.

Bump to bump-LG is 23 weeks, sissy is almost 37! They are srsly both the CUTEST preggers ever! They are both skinny and have gained in the bellies-I love it!

Group shot! From right to left: LG, me, Loo, sissy

And we're out! Loo was soooo
exhausted. The minute I unhooked
her and put her in the carseat, she
was WIDE awake. :D

All in all, we had such a blast! I am planning to make another trip to the zoo with sissy and SHM when she arrives! I want to take hubby too-it was such a blast. Unfortch, we missed my favorite part of the zoo-the reptile house, the sea lion tank, and the hippos! The zoo has changed a lot from what I remember as a child, but it was still super fun and cool. We will have to go to the Atlanta Zoo too!

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