Monday, April 12, 2010

Sissy's Shower

I helped host my sister's baby shower this weekend. It was SUCH a blast! I was supposed to be the photog, but you can see how that went on the food table. I made A LOT of food (with the help of my two aunts and mommy). Then I go and take a half a** picture of the food table. It is SO incomplete. The cake was also precious-my aunt had it made with an image of the inite on it. But, since I don't know how to black out certain info (anyone volunteer to tell me how to do that???) then I can't show you the top of the cake. Sissy's blog will have a shower post too.

Sissy and brother.

LOVE this one!

Hello lover. I ate about 9 of the white ones.
They were RED VELVET cake balls.

The loot-yeah, srsly.

Momma made this for SHM. Emma has outgrown her booties and hat now. :(

How cute is this AU bathing suit??

Sissy was DYING for this ridiculously overpriced
diaper bag. And she got it! It is pretty sweet.


In shock-

Sissy with her favorite niecey nash!

Sissy, I am glad you had such a good time and got so many things for my angel niecey SHM! I cannot wait to meet this child-prefereably on or around the month of May. Please and thank you!
PS-eight month post coming tomorrow! I am DONE!


  1. Oh I love all the pics. Your sissy is such a cute pregnant lady! I am dying for a cake ball right now thanks to you!

  2. HA-larios!!! I cant believe you put all those hein pics up but they are funny!! Love the zoo post too! Cant wait to see ya soon!

  3. So sweet! And, um, we may need some of those cake balls during our blogging girls weekend! Just sayin'!

  4. Holy presents, I need your family to cater my baby shower!

    And second Brittany Ann's thoughts on the cakeballs making their way into our weekend. Need to book that flight, like, pronto!

  5. Ok ladies the "cake bites" must have justice! They are called Baby Bites and they are a gift from god. You can see all of them and there flavors here!! ENJOY!! Ya know we did!!

  6. Looks like the shower was lots of fun... your sis is adorable pregnant and she looks so absolutely happy. That is so sweet :) And the food looked so yummy. Too bad its lunch time and I am starving!!!!


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