Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy almost Easter!!

Hello loves! It has been a whirlwind weekend so far, and it's just gotten started! Yesterday was my first day of SPRING BREAK, PTL I needed that break like nobody's business! Let me give you a brief recap of what has transpired since Thursday after school.
Thursday: I am sitting at my desk at 3:30 trying to finish lesson plans, go make copies, etc., when husband calls me and basically says he is blacking out, cannot breathe, and is generally losing it. He has a brief dramatic history, so I try to "talk him down" and then ask him to make a decision. Basically, I am 4 miles from home, but traffic is so bad on this road home that it will take me 20 minutes to get to him. The decision choices are A) wait for me to reach home or B) call 911. He says he needs me to call 911. At this point, I begin to freak. My husband is VERY "Let's all remain calm, etc." and does not like to make a fuss. So when he chooses this, I am wiggin.
I call 911 and blast out of work to race home. Then I call my BFF and ask her to take care of Emma. When I finally get home, I find my husband laying in the foyer less than clothed while hooked up to 3 machines with 3 massive paramedics hovering over him. I decided it would be more interesting for me to practically faint too, so we did that route and then I got it together. I remain very calm in a crisis-so I went into major momma mode. I got clothing, diet coke, and other necessities and loaded up the car. I followed the ambulance to the hospital like a lunatic.
Long story short, husband was seen at an urgent care that morning for a sore throat, and the doc gave him amoxicillin (why? no clue...) and some blood pressure medication. He has high blood pressure. He took both pills and went in to work. He left work after lunch feeling nauseous and begin vomiting about 6-8 times. Once he got home he started sweating, getting dizzy and feeling faint. Apparently his blood pressure dropped severely (to the 70's) and he couldn't get it up.
All was fine after a while, and we were discharged around 8:00 pm with instructions to go see the primary care doctor on Monday to determine what needs to happen next. We went and got our baby and promptly all passed out by 10. I think at one point in the hospital I looked at husband and said, "April Fools??? Ha ha, maybe??"
Friday began my first day of spring break. I was up as usual taking care of Emma and letting hubby sleep in. We went off to drop a gift with a friend, then Loo went to the sitter. I went to workout and get a pedi/wax. Then I brought hubby some lunch and went back to clean the church from the Good Friday service. I am on Altar Guild and set/reset/clean the altar. After that I went to get Loo and we came home to grandparents.
Today, we have been super busy. We had lunch at Atl Bread Co then went down to Babies R Us to get some last minute goodies for sissy's shower, then we hit up Walmart for some other items. Can I just say that I feel like I am having a new baby too (vicariously of course). :D Love ya sissy!
We created a feast-ivus tonight and have just finished. I probably consumed all 35 flex points and then some. I am about to pass out though. We are going to early church then attending an Easter buffet.
In other news, Emma decided to not only up her crawling speed to about 10 mph, she is now smacking her lips constantly and pulling up! She did it 3 times today! We had to lower her crib tonight so she couldn't launch herself out. I can't even reach down to kiss her now! Stay tuned for the next post in pics!
I am planning on painting the office on Monday and Tuesday and then leaving for the Ham on Wednesday. I seriously CANNOT WAIT to see the fam! This is the first Easter that I haven't been with them EVER.
Normally, sissy and I are cracking up dyeing eggs right now. I love coloring eggs with sissy! We always eat way too much and make a huge mess. Last Easter, I was pregnant with Miss Emma and starting to get uncomfortable. So family, I am super excited for Wednesday and we shall play like nobody's business!!!
I hope you all have an inspirational Easter and say a prayer thanking Jesus for what he did for each of YOU. Be blessed!


  1. I can promise you angel, you are not missing the fam any more than they miss you and we cannot wait for you to get here! Please be safe and yes, I do thank God for what he has done for me and what he has given to me (mainly my two wonderful daughters and a magnificent granddaughter - with another to follow!!!

  2. OMG sissy I am so glad J is okay!! That is SCARY! I am so sad to not dye eggs, I know its lame but I have been thinking about it all day :( Sissy I am soooo dang proud of your skinny ass and I can't wait to squeeze you and Loo-bee and you can just jiggle Scarlet!! I hope I still get a basket, I will be pissed if I don't have a Reese Egg tomorrow!!1 OK love you bye!

  3. Oh no, that doesn't sound good, I hope J is alright. So scary! I'll be sending you an email - but take care of each other and get some rest! I hope you three are having a wonderful Easter together!

  4. I am gonna kill you for not calling me about Present! Dang Gina that is serious. Please call me back and tell me the rest. He needs a tropical vacation and maybe some stress meds. Im worried.
    Love you all. Happy Easter. Those pics of Emma were precious

  5. That is insane! I am so thankful your hubby is alright!!!


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