Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday Randomosity

This randomosity post title is taken from Mrs. Doctor. Srsly, I am in love with her this week! :D

*I am scared to go to WW tomorrow. Srsly, I was heinous on Friday at my girl's night-I ate probably a bag of tortilla chips and a jar of salsa, plus about 9 pizza rolls. Then I drank 5 beers. Really. I did go to the gym for yoga and weights on Saturday, but still. Plus, I'm about to get my period. Blech.

*I haven't been to the gym this week. I missed Monday's workout due to a slight emergency at work with a fire alarm-yeah.

*We have NO outlets working in either bathroom. No clue what is up, but it makes for some interesting getting ready in the morning. Then, add to the mix an accountant husband who thinks he knows what is wrong, attempts to fix it, and you see blue sparks shoot out of said outlet at 10pm. Not cool.

*Maids came Monday. Fresh, clean house, I love you.

*23 more days of school. Hallelujah!

*Jimmy Buffet is playing at Lakewood tonight-Saturday. I kinda wish I could go to Margaritaville.

*My sister is due to have her baby next Thursday, May 6th. HOLY CRAP I CANNOT BELIEVE IT IS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be in that car in 2.5 seconds flat going to Birmingham to help birth that baby.

*My bestie b.e.g. sent me a HUGE BOX of clothes-they all fit me! Thanks girl!

*Did I mention there were only 23 days of school left????????????

What is random in your life right now??


  1. Yay for new clothes!

    Mr. Potts & I are in desperate need of a housecleaning visit. It is out of control craziness & I'm hating the idea of going home on Friday & havingt to start cleaning.

  2. Possibly the only things random in my life would be my two beautiful, wonderful loving daughters! R A N D O M!!
    Keep Jason away from the sockets (YIKES!, don't stress over WW because you have done so incredibly great, and remember..................
    you only have 23 days left of school!!!!
    (Not to rub it in, but I only have 22!)(

  3. YAY! So happy it got to you safely and that it fit, but do you like the stuff? I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hope all goes well at your weigh in, you can do it!!

  4. Im totally jealous of your post-baby weight loss, I'm still working mine off!

  5. New clothes? Love that! And a fire alarm issue at school? Those are never good!

  6. I wanna know when that baby starts coming cause I probably need to be there for that! Hopefully she will time it right as we are driving back from GUld SHores!

  7. Hopefully you guys got the outlets fixed,we've had some electrical issues with our house lately too. But a lot of the times with bathrooms they will be wired together and one outlet will have a trip on it that needs to be reset. Normally has two buttons, a "test" and "reset" button. Push the reset button back in and see if that corrects the problem.


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