Friday, January 14, 2011

Brain Dump

Emma and I finally escaped the house on Wednesday and we went to Subway for lunch! Emma brought lunch from home.

My godmother cross stitched one of these for me when I was little, and she made Emma one too! It's amazing! It is being framed now.

I was THAT mom in Publix with the giant car buggy. Emma loved it! That joker is super hard to steer!

We went to Barnes and Noble on Thursday so I could spend a giftcard (and look for the BCS SI mag) and Emma got to play on the train table. She luuurrrves that train table.

She read a "Cars" book.

Girlfriend has been eating Kix and Cinnamon Toast Crunch every morning with her milk. If I say, "Do you want your cereal?" she starts screeching and running to the kitchen!

BEST stuff ever! Go get some now! BBW scrub that suds up!

OMG-overwhelming-let the organizing begin. I looked through sooooooo much of this last night and took about 357 pics and texted them to friends!!!

I need to organize this book dump-it's my "to be read" pile!

18 weeks! Can't believe it! It looks bigger in real life!

How do you get a zit when you haven't worn makeup since last Friday? I scrub my face clean each day and do the proper moisturization, and today I discovered a nice painful pimple on my cheek! and I've been drinking/craving about 6 huge glasses of lemon water per day!

We are meeting J for lunch today! Mexican!!!

I have to go to work on Monday for a teacher workday-even though it's MLK day. Explain that. I'm sure it's somehow legal, but I can't figure out how. You have the "option" to not come in but you have to make it up after school is out! BS! I'll use it as a full planning day I guess!

What's been going on with you all lately, besides the wild weather? Dump your brain!

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Love ya all!


  1. I am not in the mood to be at work today and I need to get in the mood to do some serious cleaning and writing tomorrow.

    I was so sick and exhausted last weekend I did not clean a single stitch of our apartment. Imagine that!

    This week I have tried to go lactose free, holy mother of God, I miss dairy like whoa!

    I miss blogging and will blog today. While at work.

    Have you figured out a way to get atlanta a bit closer to DC? How far are you from Miami?

  2. If I had a brain to dump, I would. Guess I just dump without the brain! Love the pictures of you and Miss Emeline!!

  3. Speaking of make-up will you blog about what you use. Your make up always looks so great. This morning on the news they had some ATL folks that are fired up because they have been off most/all week and are now not getting MLK day off. Happy Friday!

  4. Aw, you look so cute! And guess what? We have matching pimples this week. LOL!

  5. My "to read pile" only seems to get bigger. Why are there so many interesting books out there? Hopefully I can make a dent in "The Testament" this weekend.

  6. OMG you look so good! I am really excited for ya'll! It seems more real now seeing that pic! Loving all the blog updates! Kisses to you all!

  7. omg girl. I am SO "that mom" with the giant car buggy at the grocery store! I always used to secretly laugh at the dorky moms that had to push those giant things around, but now I love it! I put my dignity aside and get so excited to have a fun toy for ellie to play with while I shop :)

  8. My face breaks out when I don't wear makeup. I'm a little oily and the powder helps to keep the oil under control. My face looks the worst when I don't wear makeup for days!


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