Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Opinions Needed

Sorry for the overwhelming need for your opinions lately, but what can I say, I really need some advice when getting some new things around here! :)

My 32nd (eep!) birthday is coming up in about 10 days! How can that be when I feel 25? I don't know, but it is moving too fast for me! Anyhow, I am trying to choose the perfect present from hubby!

I have been eyeing the Keurig for awhile now. Thanks to LG, I have become a master at using it. I looooove visiting her house for this very reason-besides the obvs of the presh baby and cute hubby! And she is my BFF! :)

On the other hand, sissy just got brother the Tassimo version. I have tried that too. I'm pretty sure there are many versions of this wonderful invention out there.

Do you use one of these, and if so, do you love it? Hate it? Should I get one? Which one? Why?

My current coffee maker is a great one from Mr. Coffee, but it's six years old, and honestly, I'm over making a pot of coffee when I just want a travel mug in the AM.

Alright, spill please!


  1. I love my Keurig. Love love love. I just love the convenience of it. There is no waste like there is with other coffee makers.

    I have those large travel coffee mugs... I press the biggest cup button (which makes a venti size cup of coffee) and then I run the smallest setting again with the same pod. So I use the same pod twice and get a full travel size cup of coffee.

  2. I LOVE my Keurig! I've never used any other version, but I know that the Keurig sells the pods in lots of places. They have them at Target, Walmart, Kohl's, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Not sure if the other brands sell the pods in that many places. You def. need one!

  3. Well I LOVE mine and I'm not even a HUGE coffee drinker. It's nice to be able to make a small cup on a moments notice :) I know kohls has them on sale alot of times and if you can get a 30% off coupon then you could get a really good deal!

  4. I have used the Keurig and I love it and want one. BBB alot of times has 20% coupon out there! A friend of mine says she orders her K Coffee from Amazon and saves money! It is on my list to buy one this year!

  5. Lots of posts today from you...Love it! I'm all over this keurig questions....LOL. I Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE my Keurig. We've had one for the last 3-4 years and save so much money on coffee now. You can also buy the KKups at the grocery store now and Bed Bath and Beyond is a good deal if you use the 20% off coupons...my favs are the Donut Shop Chocolate Glazed Donut and the Cinnabon kind. Yum!! Also, order your K-Kups from greenmountaincoffee.com...they have automatic delivery and you can save big time. If you are a volume coffee drinker like my husband and I the savings add up quick. Also, we are actually on our second keurig, the first one broke about two years in. If you can buy your keurig maker from greenmountaincoffee.com b/c they will replace it, no questions asked, if it breaks. They sent us a new one when ours broke. This happened Dec 2009 so just check to be certain they still have this policy!!! You'll love it!

  6. FYI: Just checked that website and confirmed that if you are a member of their cafe express club your brewer is under warranty for the life of your membership.

  7. We have a Keurig and love it, but I want that Nestle Dolce Gusto contraption. I think it's like the Tassimo because it offers more variety like lattes and all of that other stuff. I mean, I could make a latte with my Keurig, but that would require me frothing milk or something. Yeah, not happening. LOL

    The Keurig has been great for us, though. Coffee, hot tea, hot water, hot chocolate...we use k-cups still but we also brew ground coffee in it with the reusable filter. It's definitely worth the money and no more wasted pots of coffee (which was our issue prior to getting the Keurig).


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