Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update in bullets

So, we've been super busy up in these parts lately!

*Getting back into work after a week off for snow proved to be (and still is) difficult. We lost every day from now till Spring Break that we had off. We are now making the days up throughout February and April. Lovely. No break for 10 weeks. Shoot me now.

*I finally got to go use my Christmas mani/pedi gift certificate from the hubs. He has been working without a break since January 1, which is what happens in the accounting/finance industry at the beginning of each year. I have been a single parent on weekends too. He had his first day off today and Emma slept til 8:45! We spent the day eating Mexican (typical for me) and shopping for a mahogany toy chest. That proved to be a little difficult too. We finally found one for $70 and we will put it together tonight. Future home=the office turned playroom!

*I'm not going to say much on here since this is a public blog, and I don't know who reads it, but FOR THE LOVE of pregnant hormones+crazy ass parents=I will NOT BACK DOWN and you best watch your face. Thank you.

*If one more person asks me how pregnant I am, then looks surprised, I will cuss them out. And don't ever ask someone if they're having twins. Freakin' P.S.

*I have been working my Keurig out like whoa. Only complaint: Keurig website is totes out of flavored variety samples. Hook it up yo!

*Emma is totally off the bottle as of today. I've been weaning since my last post, and she has been taking sippy cups in the AM and at lunch (with milk) and now it's go time. Tonight was the last bottle ever-till the next baby arrives.

*I decided to wait on the "full on" potty training after doing some research into regression and talking with other moms. Emma still tells me she pooped, and she still sits on the potty before bath time. We put her poop in the pot and she flushes it and tells it bye bye (hilarious!) and she comes into the bathroom with me and "sees" me going. I'm sure it will click evench. I can't handle doing all the work, then having the shi* hit the fan once the new baby comes.

*Hitting has lessened considerably! Her new things is "mine!" I think that's an age thing-according to my friend Jen, her daughter is doing the exact same thing and they are 2 weeks apart.

*I am almost through Nanny Returns and am loving it! I need to make more time to read.

*I have been sleeping like DUMP lately!

*Did I mention school was kicking my a** and we've only been back for 4 days?!?!

Bleh, sorry for the suck a** post-I'll do some pictures in another post!

Love ya all!


  1. It will all work out in the end sweet daughter THAT JUST HAD A BIRTHDAY!!! Yes, I am still jealous of the Keurig! We lost our inclement weather days too - nothing off until spring break in March. When is yours? Take care of yourself and little Pipper please!! Hugs to Emma and J!!

  2. Sorry you're having a sucky time with whoever it is. BUT STINKING HOORAY for Emma being off the bottle. I know that's a hard transition for the kiddo AND the mommy.

    P.S. There is only one kind of preggo in this world. Cute preggo and you're definitely that.

  3. Snow days are fun while you have them, but it sure does stink making them up!

  4. You are going to think I am nuts, but I am jealous that you are making up the snow days. We are going to be in school till June. Sigh.

    Also. Good call on the potty training. L had been potty trained for well over a year and had a few poop accidents at school when G was born.

  5. Yay for mani/pedis & yay for coffee & yay for Emma Loo Who for being a big girl!
    I miss you, gf!

  6. I thought poyty training didnt start till 2 or 3 ? Emma is a smart lady for already knowing she goes ands stuff! Wilbur says MINE about everything too. He always tells Baby fenn " This is WILLS movie" This is WILLS bebe" etc. Pretty hilar.
    I got asked if I was having twins daily, but i thought it was funny! You look fantastic so dont worry about that !
    You can buy a mixed box of coffee/tea from BBB if you wanna do that till the site gets stuff back in stock.
    Love you!

  7. Dude. I am totes scurred of you now. Glad you are loving your Keurig and I am proud of you for getting Emma off the bottle. I haven't decided when to hard core potty train. Not too keen on cleaning pee off the floor so we'll see!

  8. OMG my friend. you are crackin my can right now. I had to post your quote "If one more person asks me how pregnant I am, then looks surprised, I will cuss them out. And don't ever ask someone if they're having twins. Freakin' P.S." on the YBB facebook page. Literally, every woman who's ever been pregnant can relate and give you a high five and an amen on that one.

  9. You make me laugh so hard. I hope you have an awesome day today!!! :)

  10. Ummm why are people so damn rude?! I don't understand why people think they can say whatever they want to a preggo person. WTF?

  11. OMG - what is WITH people? Just don't comment on someone else's appearance unless you are saying, "Wow, you look fantastic!" or "I love your outfit!" or "Your hair looks great!" Those are the only acceptable comments to make.

    How annoying about the snow days eating up all the days off. I understand WHY you can't just call the snow week a wash... But it seems very inconvenient to just erase all the holidays! What if people had vacation plans?

  12. hope you had a good birthday sus. this post freakin cracks me up. i love how you say like 90% of everything im thinking. its great. makes me feel normal.


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