Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Since New Years...

We have been busy since the New Year arrived! We came back from Birmingham on NYE.


Here is Emma saying, "I've got this under control mom." Thanks darlin, mommy appreciates that!

Our traditional "junk food dinner" that we have every NYE. Basically, just get all of your fave junky foods and eat them! Simple!!!


What I did NYE-cleaned out the holy hot mess of a spice cabinet.
Exciting times in the Edwards household for sure.


And after. I do have to say, it looks great, but it was LAME that I took a picture.


NY day dinner-greens, beans, and pork. YUM!


My new boots from Tar-jay that zip up the BACK-meow!!


Someone is easily entertained. I love it.


Posing for daddy.


Aannnnnnd it is always nice to come home to some doggle destruction-thanks Bart and/or Flash for destroying alllll of Emma's board books and now her wooden alligator on wheels from Aunt Sister.

Bath time fun with Looby.
I just noticed that all of the pics look awful! I started blogging from my phone and got on the computer to do the typing. Yikers. Sorry!
What have you all been up to?
On another note, I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant. Wow! I go to the OB tomorrow for a check up. Say some prayers for me. I am ready to feel this baby move all the time!
Hope all is well with y'all, and hello two new followers! Welcome to the crazy that is my life! :)

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Love ya all!


  1. I love that we're so close together! And I still feel AWFUL that I left you off my partner in crime list. I SUCK! But I feel your frustration...I want to feel this baby move so bad! But so far, nothing.

  2. I about fell out when you called your dogs d-bags. That's something I would do. this why we're friends?! Ha ha ha!

  3. Loved the updates! Happy 2011 Lady!

  4. dang yall have been busy! I wanna hear what it is like to be preggars with a little one running around!! spill it!

  5. Ooh, sweet boots! You and sissy have the same - I like them a lot! Have you figured out the what to wear with leggings sitch? Because I am assuming the boots go smashingly with leggings!

    Love the picture of Emmabear, she is SO BIG! And I totally love your NYE ideas, cleaning and junk food..heaven!

  6. I'm loving those boots! Meow is right!

  7. LURVE this! I'm glad you had a good NYE! We miss y'all and the boots are FAB and would def look great with leggings. Especially jeggings ;)

  8. We do junk food for NYE too!

    However we eat hog jowl and black-eyed peas. Yeah. I don't know why either.

  9. Girl, I know! I am not kidding when I say that life has been nothing short of CRAZY. And, I feel like I have nothing to say. would just be a recap of the madness. Such is life I suppose! But, January and February should be a bit slower and I am so ready to be back to blogging (and reading blogs!). On that note, Emma is getting so stinkin' big! how do they grow so fast?? And you go girl on cleaning out your spice cabinet! Wanna come do mine? :) Happy new year!

  10. love the pictures! keep em coming!

    What do you think you are having?

  11. What is blog press from the iphone? I need that! I am so glad to see that 2011 is already wonderful for you. I really want those boots by the way! I have missed all you bloggers!

  12. OMG sus..I seriously keep forgetting your pregnant! Show some pics of your belly. Jackson misses Emma bears. Love you! War Damn Eagle!!!


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