Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Questions and a Request

Okay people, I need some advice. My closet is about to look like this if I don't find a way to store/keep all of my "memorabilia." I keep everything, I am very sentimental, so I have cards/pictures from grade school to current day. Right now, they are in three huge boot boxes. However, with a baby, I add tons of cards, announcements, drawings, etc quite frequently. Things are beginning to get a little OOC in there. So, what can I do to either nip this problem or fix this problem? Organizational tips? Please share!! :)

Also, I am starting to think about the double stroller route. I know we are going to need one. I mean, let's be honest. I will have a 22 month old and a newborn. So, I'm starting to do some research-but I value your opinion and feedback. The only thing is, I don't want to spend $500 on a stroller. I guess that is possible. It has to be! So, can you tell me any good brands/types of double strollers?

My request is this: please say a prayer for some college friends of mine, Dawn and Tripp Floyd. She was due in early January with her first baby and had him early, on December 6th. Apparently, he had a heart defect and was sent to Vanderbilt for NICU care/heart surgery. He passed away. I just learned all of this from Facebook-so, I'm not really sure what happened, but from what I gather, they didn't know about the heart defect-if that is possible? I don't know, I was just checking on her to see when she was due, and saw all that and was soooo sad and broken hearted for them. They are older (35 or so) so this was a long awaited pregnancy, and I can just imagine they are heartbroken. Please think of them and say a prayer for peace.

I miss all y'all and feel like not much has been going on in blog land lately! Update me please. And any advice on the card sitch and stroller, do share!

Thanks loves!


  1. I wish I had tips for you on storing the cards but I tend to be the anti-pack rat and throw things away (and sometimes later wish I hadn't). My husband is the sentimental one who keeps the cards, movie tickets, momentos, etc. Maybe you could put them in a plastic bin and keep them in the attic? That's what I'm thinking I might do with some things I want to hang on to but don't have room for in our little house.

  2. Oh honey, I'm so so sorry for your friends. I'll keep them in my prayers.

    I'm not organized. At all. So I'm not even going to pretend to have advice for you. :)

  3. I am not organized nor do I know anything about strollers :0). Aren't you so glad you have a friend like me to depend on????

  4. Get a doubly running stroller! They're way easier! Though the good ones are side by side, and thus, wider.

    I'm buying a single and a double, but I'm buying the double used. If it doesn't skeeve you out, check Craigslist. We have a second-hadn baby store...Once Upon a Child...that has awesome stuff for cheap and good condition.

    Praying for your friend.

  5. I am a saver, too. My Sister has helped me tremendously with that!!! In the last year I tossed all our wedding cards/notes, keeping only those with significant meaning to me. Like - the ones from my grandmother or mom, etc. I also tossed all the baby notes, etc. except the ones that were super special - and if they only had a signature, I tossed them. And...when I put away Christmas stuff this year, I tossed all the old Christmas cards we'd received. I always kept them, telling myself I would enjoy looking back through them, yet, I NEVER did. I can't get over how much space tossing all that created. Like I said, I still have the super special stuff, but the rest, I sighed with relief once it was gone. Not sure how telling you all this is supposed to help you organize. :)

  6. Eeek! We were on each other's blog at the same time!

    I'm so sorry about your friend. Yes, it is totally possible for heart defects to go undetected (along with many other issues) during pregnancy. The truth is, even in spite of many of our medical advancements, you just can't catch everything. And then there are people like me who choose to do very minimal testing due to increased risk of miscarriage and other various reasons. Regardless of the situation surrounding your friend's loss, it's just devastating to hear. Again, I'm so sorry.

  7. Sorry about your friends, that is horrible and I cannot imagine....we will keep them in our prayers. The double stroller......we are in the same exact boat girl! My top choice is the City Select made by baby jogger. I love this because it has so many options, it steers really well and it can be a single or a double stroller and folds up easy. We have the City Mini right now and I LOVE it! But it is pretty expensive...I also want the double Bob because I use it ALL Of the time on the greenway. I thought about just getting the BOB, but it is so bulky. It is a hard decision. I have looked at so many strollers and I just can decide waht is the best option.

  8. My heart breaks for your friends...will def. say a prayer for them. I can't even begin to imagine that heartbreak. :-(

    --I say, go through your cards and only keep the really special ones. I need a system for mine too, but I throw a lot away. Too many cards if you end up keeping all of them. Let's be honest---do you look through them??

    --Strollers, CALL ME. I've done EXTENSIVE research (sick amounts really) and can tell you about any of them, pretty much. I found an awesome baby review site that I've used for strollers,, and have tested a bunch out. I'll totally give you the down low with pros and cons of several and save you HOURS of work.

  9. My double stroller was by Peg Perego. It was a tandem stroller and it served me well. I think it was around $250, but that was also 7 years ago. I also had a double jogging stroller by Dreamer Design and I loved it as well. But, it was big and bulky and not suitable for the mall or places like that.


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