Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What we do on a snow day.........

We have had some pretty major winter weather here in Georgia lately! It started on Sunday night, and when we woke up on Monday morning, we had about 5-6 inches of snow! And not powder either, real snow!

The high lately has been 25, and tomorrow it is supposed to only be 19.
So, all this snow/ice/water isn't going anywhere soon. Yikes!


The dogs were not sure about the snow at first. Flash, the bloodhound, went wild! He was traipsing all over the place and having a blast getting frozen solid.

Meanwhile, Bart, the ridgeback, was not having any part of it. He quickly darted out to the fenceline, did his business, and headed back to the door. Even our screened in porch was covered in snow! The snow was blowing sideways when we checked on Sunday night.

School was cancelled for Monday on Sunday night, before anything even happened. I was thinking that was a bad idea, but as you can see, the school board clearly knows what is up! We are out tomorrow too-so that makes three days we will have to make up at some point! Ugggggggh.

This little joker wore a new Auburn cheer outfit yesterday. It finally fits her. It's a long sleeved top with a skirt, and I put some white leggings under it since it was obvi freezing!

Then we decided to try out the snow. Last year, Emma was only about 5 months old when it snowed. She wasn't real sure what to think about yesterday's excursion. First things first, of course, was to put her in the "Ralphie suit."

Pretty damn cute! This was a hand me down from a friend. In Georgia,
we don't buy snowsuits for our infants/children. :)

Taking the first steps out into the snow.

I laid her down to see what would happen and what she would do. The snow was so hard,
she barely made an impression. She was like a little turtle though!

Monday night, snow still coming.

Before bath time. Emma was ready to cheer on the Tigers!

This is what these two have done the past few days. Must be like normal life for them!

Emma's lair during the snow storm. This is what our house has looked like since Sunday night. Except, y'all know me-I am so OCD, I have to clean it up when she goes down for a nap.

My lair-with the camera, computer, phone, monitor, papers to grade, etc. I am having fun getting caught up on my words with friends, google reader, gossip mags, grading, and playing with girlfriend! However, with the lack of a schedule, I am going a bit stir crazy. We haven't left the house since about noon on Sunday. Shoot me now.

The positive thing about being home two days in a row? I have every single piece of laundry washed, folded, and put away. But, it will probably be dirty again by Thursday. :)

Hope wherever you are, you are warm, dry, and having fun!


  1. This house has gotten so organized over the past three days! But I'm with you-a LITTLE stir crazy! Wondering whether we'll have school tomorrow??

  2. Emma is too cute in her snowsuit. Love it!!! We only got one day off and I ate and slept the whole day! My house is a disaster!

  3. How cute is she in her snow suit? I love it! And your house is so beautiful in the snow! Glad you guys are enjoying your snow days!

  4. Emma is clearly rocking that Ralphie suit!!! :)

  5. That sweet baby in the snow suit is too much!


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