Thursday, July 30, 2009

39 Week Check Up

Yesterday was my last (I thought) OB appt. I love my OBs-it is a practice of three and they are awesome! Anyway, I had my 39 week check up-I was thinned, she is head down and ready to go, and I am barely one cm. Which, to those of you who have had babies know, you can be dang ONE cm or more for WEEKS. Blech. Well, I asked the doc, what is our plan? He said, come back next week for a 40 week check up and if you are the same next Wednesday, we will induce Thursday. I'm thinking, grrr-I want the kid out. Then he realized that he wasn't on call those days, so he said come back Monday morning, and if nothing is happening, we will go to the hospital that afternoon. I'm assuming we will do cervadil if I'm the same, or start pitocin if I have dilated anymore. Who knows?!?!? I'm just excited knowing there is an end in sight, and that on by Tuesday at the latest, we will have our baby girl!!!!

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