Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's get this party started...

So, I feel like I'm being really impatient about labor starting and stuff, but...I have a confession to make: I have gone through this whole pregnancy thinking I would never go all the way to forty weeks, and heaven forbid, past that!

Ya see, I have THE Gestational Diabetes. So most of us (me, hubs, parents, friends, even my docs) were thinking: induction around 38 weeks or so due to the size of the baby. Well, at my 32 week US, the ESTIMATE was 5 lb 13 oz! Holy Crap, right? So at my 37 week check up, the other doc ESTIMATES she is close to 6 1/2 or 7 and that he won't let me go all the way to my due date of August 2nd. Hmmm.

At yesterday's check up, doc says, "We'll just see what's going on next week. I don't want to induce before 39 weeks because you'll probably have to have a c-section." For the love...of indecision and confusion. (For the love is my FAVE saying). I officially have until the 2nd, and that's not even for sure, since most first pregnancies go past their due date. It is called an Estimated Due Date for a reason.

Anyway, I am wanting some natural, safe labor starters-and before you tell me to have sex and go on a walk-SIB (that's one of my preferred sayings, and if you can figure it out, yay you!) I'm not down with any kind of gettin' it on right now, and I walk EVERY night for THE diabetes. So, what can I do-and don't tell me to be patient either. I've never been good at that. As you can tell-:D


  1. Well, I wasn't smart enough to figure out SIB. Know I'll feel like an idiot when you tell me. Don't patient.........tell the darn doc. we want this child next week!! :-)

  2. My water broke while I was dying laughing with a friend. So go rent a comedy. Good luck with everything Sus!


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