Monday, July 27, 2009

Nasty, Nasty Boy...

So, guess what this nasty boy did last night? We let the dogs out to go potty for their before bed break, and when we called them in, Mr. Bart ran right up to the landing on the stairs. Flash was taking his sweet time coming back in, so hubs and I started walking toward the stairs to go up. Well, Bart was having a bedtime snack-a nice decayed turd-on my steps! Grody-to the friggin max. Hubs took it away and threw it out the front door. Bart proceeded to go get on MY side of the bed and look ashamed-nice. Breathe your poop breath on my half of the bed. Thanks, I appreciate that.


  1. Pretty nasty but little Flossers does it too.. Dogs seem to enjoy it! ;-)

  2. Ick-a-rick! My dog eats grass...she's a hippie dog! :)


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